How To Change USB Settings on Android


You can set the bond choice once you link your Android os phone to some type of computer via USB. As an example, you are able to elect to transfer any file type to and from your own computer, or perhaps you can elect to make your phone only share photos to your personal computer.

You also provide the possibility to allow your personal computer behave as an audio player. Not only that, you are able to allow connection charge your phone without the file transfer. These modifications is manufactured in the settings.

Quick Answer

To modification the USB settings on Android os, you ought to go right to the Settings app > “Bluetooth and unit Connection” > “USB” > “USB Preference”.

This article reduces the procedures for establishing a USB connection in an Android phone. Additionally describes why your USB connection is just billing rather than moving files. Finally, it covers the various file transfer protocols readily available for USB connections in Android os phones.

  1. How To replace the USB Settings on Android
  2. What Are the USB Preferences Available on Android os Phones?
  3. Why Is My USB Connection Only Charging?
  4. How To repair USB Port Perhaps Not Moving Files
  5. What Are the USB File Transfer Protocols on Android Os?
    • What Is MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)? 
    • What’s PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol)?
    • What Is MIDI (Drum Digital Interface)?
  6. Conclusion

How To alter the USB Settings on Android

You can replace the USB settings via “Connected Devices” in the Settings software of one’s Android os phone.

Here will be the approaches to set USB choices in your Android os phone.

  1. Plug the tiny end of the USB cable into the Android phone therefore the bigger end into the PC.
  2. On your Android os phone, click the Settings app.
  3. Go to “Bluetooth and Device Connection”. In A Few Android Os phones, it really is under “Connected Devices”.
  4. Tap “USB”.
  5. Set your “USB Preferences”.

What Would be the USB Preferences Available on Android os Phones?

There are at least 5 USB settings on an Android phone. With regards to the phone brand name and model, these settings have actually various names but suggest the same.

For instance, some Android os phones could have “Charging only” as you of these USB settings. Nonetheless, other people like Samsung have actually the title “No Data Transfer”.

The 5 USB settings on Android os phones will be the following.

  • File transfer.
  • USB tethering (internet sharing via USB).
  • MIDI (Drum Digital Interface).
  • PTP.
  • “No Data Transfer” or “Charging only”.

Some Android os phone models just show 4 USB settings whenever you link your phone to your personal computer.

The 5th USB environment (USB Tethering) can be found in these models under “Network and Internet”.

Quick Suggestion

A simple method to find your USB settings without much navigation is kind “USB” and then click “Enter” in your research club. It’ll start the USB settings of one’s phone.

Why Is My USB Connection Only Charging?

If your USB connection is just billing your phone rather than moving files, the faults can come from your own ports, USB cable, or your device it self.

For example, a deformed USB slot can stop your USB cable from suitable precisely into the Android os phone.

How To repair USB Port perhaps not moving data

Here you will find the other ways to correct a USB that’s not moving files to some type of computer.

  • Check for just about any mechanical faults in the USB cable and ports (age.g., deformation) and alter them if required.
  • Use an appropriate USB port if you’re experiencing trouble moving files to your pc. It could assist in the event that you got it from your own phone maker.
  • To eliminate or place your USB cable to your phone, carefully spot your thumb and index little finger by the medial side associated with the USB cable. Don’t spot your little finger above or underneath the cable. Doing this will make the slot gradually detach through the phone.
  • Check that the USB settings are switched on for the device.
  • Check that the antivirus computer software in your pc just isn’t preventing your phone from moving files to it.
  • Restart your personal computer.
  • Restart your Android os phone.
  • For a USB connection for internet sharing, make sure the telephone has an internet connection.

Keep in Mind

Your phone will constantly charge whenever its attached to a USB cable so long as your pc is on.

What Would be the USB File Transfer Protocols on Android os?

There are three major file transfer protocols for USB connections in Android os phones. They’re the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol), PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol), and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface).

What Is MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)? 

MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) mode makes your phone act as a media player that may share files because of the computer. It’s the most frequent choice since it lets you share many news files in several platforms. You are able to deliver files to your pc in PDF, jpeg, PNG, mp3, mp4, MOV, and a whole lot more.

What Is PTP (image Transfer Protocol)?

In this mode, the telephone acts as an electronic digital camera or a computer device just for moving pictures to your pc. You are able to choose this program only if you wish to share pictures in your computer.

What Is MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)?

MIDI is Musical Instrument Digital Interface which allows your personal computer become an external sound player once you link your Android os phone.

With MIDI, you don’t need certainly to deliver the sound file to your pc. You merely need certainly to link your Android os phone to your pc. From then on, you’ll choose the music or sound file you intend to use your personal computer.  

Once your personal computer reads the file, it’ll play the sound recording of one’s Android os phone.


The USB connections make file transfer between Android os phones and PCs effortless. The USB lets you move files and may additionally behave as a way to charge your Android phone together with your Computer acting once the energy supply.

Follow the guide in this essay setting your USB choice and discover ways to move files betwixt your phone and Computer. 

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