How To Change Wi-Fi on Apple TV

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You can just only stream your preferred content on Apple television after ensuring it is been connected towards the internet. People choose Wi-Fi because this technique, unlike Ethernet cables, works completely well and saves you the trouble of coping with cables. Nonetheless, the situation arises when you need to alter the Wi-Fi system, which numerous feel is an intricate procedure. 

Luckily, you will need not worry because changing Wi-Fi in your Apple television is very simple and really shouldn’t extremely worry you. 

If you still have actually doubts, continue reading to observe how it is possible to replace the Wi-Fi in your Apple television without the hassle. Let’s begin. 

  1. Method # 1: Manually Enter a Network in your Apple TV 
  2. Method # 2: immediately improve your Apple TV’s Wi-Fi Network 
  3. Summary 
  4. Frequently expected Questions

Method # 1: Manually Enter a system in your Apple TV 

To modification your Apple TV’s Wi-Fi that way, the actions to follow are pretty easy, and right here’s everything you surely got to do:

  1. Go to the “Settings” software. 
  2. Click on “Network”
  3. Choose “Wi-Fi” and wait for the Wi-Fi choices to show up on record.
  4. Select “Other”.  
  5. Type the Wi-Fi community name you intend to join. 
  6. Enter this Wi-Fi network’s password
  7. Click on “Done”
  8. Lastly, faucet on “OK”

These would be the only actions to follow along with whenever manually linking your Apple television to a certain Wi-Fi system. 

Method no. 2: immediately improve your Apple TV’s Wi-Fi Network 

If you will find manually linking your Apple television to a particular Wi-Fi system cumbersome, this will be a fantastic choice to start thinking about. Here you will find the actions you will need to follow: 

  1. Launch the “Settings” software. 
  2. Choose “Network”
  3. Click on “Wi-Fi”.
  4. Wait to exhibit nearby systems. 
  5. Pick a Wi-Fi community
  6. Enter the password associated with the community. 
  7. Click on “Done”.
  8. Tap on “OK”.

Once finished with these actions, your Apple TV’s Wi-Fi community will alter.       


Connecting your Apple television to Wi-Fi is fantastic for numerous as it doesn’t need you to utilize any cables, which are often an eyesore towards the looks of one’s family room. The chilling experience just pops into the mind when it is time whenever you’ll need certainly to improve your Apple TV’s Wi-Fi. 

If you assumed this method could be extremely complicated, this guide has elaborated you will need not have such issues. And also to further prove this, this has detailed different methods for you to replace the Wi-Fi in your Apple television without breaking a sweat. 

Frequently expected concerns

why wouldn’t you your investment Wi-Fi system on Apple television?

If your Apple television was linked to one or a few other Wi-Fi sites, you will need to forget these systems before changing the community. In the end, you don’t desire redundant networks linked to your Apple television. Here you will find the actions to check out to forget these other Wi-Fi systems:

1) start the Settings software. 
2) Click System. 
3) Tap on Wi-Fi. 
4) pick the system you would like forgotten by the Apple television. 
5) Select Forget System. 

Doing this may delete the Wi-Fi system from your own Apple television, which immediately recalls any past community you linked to. 

How can you re-enter the password for Wi-Fi in your Apple television?

If the password towards the Wi-Fi community was changed, it’ll should be entered afresh in the event that you begin experiencing some issues. This frequently is really because your Apple television is linked to the community utilizing the old saved password. Consequently, you will need to forget it and therefore enter the brand new password by after these actions:

1) Tap in the “Settings” software. 
2) pick the “Network” choice you need. 
3) Select “Other”. 
4) key in your Wi-Fi network’s precise SSID and tap on “Continue”. 
5) Offer your Apple TV time and energy to connect with the Wi-Fi network and fail. 
6) Go Right Ahead And now enter the latest password and then click on “Continue”. 
7) The Apple television will endeavour once more to rejoin the Wi-Fi system with all the brand new password set up. 
8) Finally, your Apple television is going to be linked to the Wi-Fi system. 

Why won’t your Apple TV connect with Wi-Fi? 

If you’re experiencing the matter of one’s Apple television maybe not linking to a Wi-Fi system, the very first thing doing would be to discover what the matter could be would be to check out the Apple solutions status. After that, find the option update tvOS. 

Should this matter continue, you’ll be required to glance at the other unit interference and log from your Wi-Fi network and Apple ID. Consequently, go on and reset your television to factory settings. 

How is it possible to link your Apple television to a hotel’s Wi-Fi?

Before connecting your Apple television to Wi-Fi which requires a login, ensure that you first accept the MAC target of one’s Apple television with some type of computer. Also To understand the MAC target, you will need to; 

1) Start Settings. 
2) go through the General choice. 
3) visit About and find either Ethernet Address or Wi-Fi Address. 

How is it possible to link your Apple television without a remote to a Wi-Fi system?

You don’t have actually your remote to get in touch your Apple television to Wi-Fi as you are able to rather make use of your iPhone. And also to repeat this, you merely need to modify on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Afterwards, touch your iPhone towards the Apple television field to start out it and do whatever directions show up on your iPhone.  

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