How To Change Your AirPods Pro Bud Size

AirPods Pro

AirPods professional buds, called tips, also come in little, moderate, and big sizes. You receive the best quality of sound and maximum sound termination once you replace the buds to your proper size.

Quick Answer

To modification the AirPods Pro bud size, hold it in a single hand and hold the end using the other. Invert the tip and also make a company grip through the base to pull it. You may hear a click sound, while the tip can come down. Next, line up the replacement tip using the mounting area and push in before the tip clicks into destination effortlessly. 

To make things enjoyable for you personally, we took the full time to create an in depth step by step guide on changing AirPods’ bud size. We’ll additionally talk about choosing the greatest buds to ensure they are convenient and a method to determine if you’ve got changed the buds to your proper size.              

  1. Changing the AirPods professional Bud Size
  2. How to try AirPods professional Bud Size
  3. How may i Prevent My AirPods Pro From Slipping Out?
  4. Installing AirPods Pro Ear Hooks
  5. Summary
  6. Frequently expected concerns

Changing the AirPods professional Bud Size

Are you wondering how exactly to Change AirPods professional bud size? Our after step by step technique will allow you to have the whole procedure with no trouble.

If your AirPods Pro tips are broken or have actually the incorrect size, utilize these guidelines to restore them.

  1. Place the AirPods in your hand and grip the end within the other. 
  2. Invert the tip, hold from its base, and pull before the tip clicks down
  3. Clean the end mounting area if required. 
  4. Grab the replacement tip and align it using the mounting surface.
  5. Push the replaced tip in until the tip clicks into destination effortlessly.
  6. If you’ve got set up the tip inverted, push its corners
  7. Repeat the exact same procedure to improve the bud size in your other AirPods Pro.

How To try AirPods Pro Bud Size

You can find away when you have changed your AirPods Pro bud using the proper size throughout your iPhone establishing application within the following way.

  1. Put your AirPods Pro into your ears after changing the buds/tips.
  2. Open Settings in your iPhone and faucet the “Bluetooth” choice through the list. 
  3. In the listing of Bluetooth products, faucet the info symbol next to your AirPods Pro.
  4. Tap “Ear Fit Suggestion Test” in the next display screen. 
  5. Tap “Continue”.
  6. Tap “Play”.

Now, the iPhone will examine your AirPods Pro, therefore wait for outcomes. In the event that buds healthy precisely, you get a “Good Seal” message. Otherwise, the iPhone will counsel you in order to make alterations or select another earbud. 

How Can I Prevent My AirPods Pro From Slipping Out?

If your AirPods professional set is continually sliding from your ears, the very first thing you can test is change its bud size. Nevertheless, when they continue steadily to feel losings, look at the following opportunities. 

  • Check that the right AirPods is in your right ear plus the left AirPods is in your left ear.
  • Verify that the AirPods Pro stem is pointing down, maybe not up.
  • After placing brand new buds, try inverting them.
  • Use silicon ear hooks for a much better fit.

Installing AirPods Pro Ear Hooks

To keep your AirPods Pro stay within your ear, do these actions to install ear hooks in them.

  1. Remove the AirPods professional bud as recommended within the technique mentioned above.
  2. Align the ear hook holes with all the AirPods Pro mesh grills
  3. Insert the ear connect on your AirPods Pro and reinstall the end afterwards. 
  4. Repeat similar procedure to put in the next ear hook to another AirPod. Make certain that the AirPods fit precisely in your ear this time.

Keep in your mind

when utilizing ‘silicone ear hooks’, twist the left AirPods anticlockwise and also the right AirPods clockwise for a much better grip while you insert them into the ears. Getting the greatest outcomes, guarantee the soft silicone hook tucks comfortably into both of the ears. In the event that you have a strange feeling, you may possibly have set up them wrongly.


In this short article on how best to change AirPods bud size, we’ve talked about setting up the replacement tip with a careful approach and evaluating it afterwards together with your unit regarding its size. We’ve additionally discussed several techniques to avoid the AirPods professional buds from dropping it as well as the utilization of silicon ear hooks.

Hopefully, you have that which you had been in search of, now it is possible to enjoy hearing your preferred music or place calls without dealing with any discomfort in your ears. 

Frequently expected concerns

How may I clean the guidelines of my AirPods Pro?

To neat and eliminate debris from AirPods guidelines, Apple indicates utilizing a slightly moist or dry lint-free fabric and baby buds. To take action, eliminate your AirPods professional ear guidelines, and soak or wash them in water. Avoid using soap or every other chemical substances because of this procedure. Before reinstalling the ear guidelines into the AirPods professional, dry these with a microfiber towel

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