How To Change Your T-Mobile Phone Number

T-Mobile phone

Method # 1: go to a T-Mobile Store

Method number 2: Contact support


Frequently expected concerns

  1. Method number 1: see a T-Mobile Store
  2. This technique works for those who have a T-mobile store near by. For other people, calling the web support staff may well be more feasible.
  3. Find the closest
  4. T-mobile shop


Google Maps.

  1. Go to your helpdesk and notify the employees you need to improve your telephone number.The staff will likely then process your number and verify that it may be changed or perhaps not.
  2. Getting your quantity changed at a T-mobile store could be pretty as simple the employees manages every thing. The one thing you must do is check out their shop. But, in the event that you don’t wish to keep home, you are able to contact customer care by phone.Method no. 2: Contact customer careBefore contacting customer care by phone, be sure to get the individual and account details ready for verification. You will get your quantity changed through the consumer help line by following actions below:
  3. Call their toll-free line at


or dial


  1. from your own T-mobile phone. A sound prompt will request you to follow a collection of directions.Follow most of the instructions
  2. until you might be attached to a representative.These qualified agents
  3. can assist you in changing your T-mobile telephone number.Warning
  4. Once you’ve got changed your quantity, you won’t manage to switch back again to your old number.SummaryChanging your T-mobile telephone number is not hard and certainly will be performed in 2 means. In any event, you will require the aid of customer care. You may either phone the T-mobile help line or go directly to the T-mobile store. The help staff there’ll assist you to through the complete procedure.

Frequently Expected Questions

What happens when you improve your T-mobile telephone number?

Your voicemails, associates, and call tracks could be lost. Therefore, it is advisable to make a backup of one’s associates. You need to arranged your voicemail and restore your associates utilizing your back-up.

Does the amount modification instantly in your phone?

Once you’ve got invest a request for lots modification, normally it takes anywhere from a couple of minutes to four hours become prepared.

Will I must spend additional to alter my T-mobile telephone number?

Prepaid users do not need to spend any such thing to alter their figures. For non-prepaid users, you will see an additional $15 fee. It’s going to show up on their bill within the next bill cycle.

You are now able to improve your T-mobile telephone number effortlessly. But, they just permit you to alter figures one per year to prevent fraudulence. On the basis of the types of plan you’ve got, changing your telephone number could be free or cost cash. Both in instances, standard processing fees nevertheless use.

Quick Answer

There are two how to improve your T-mobile telephone number; contact their help staff or go to a T-mobile store.

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