How To Charge an Apple TV Remote

  1. Method # 1: fee Your Apple television Remote utilizing a Lightning Cable 
  2. Method # 2: fee Your Apple television Remote utilizing a cordless Charger

Method no. 1: fee Your Apple television Remote utilizing a Lightning Cable 

The very first approach to charge your television remote is through cable. The battery pack should drop to 20% or less to charge it efficiently. The Apple television remote is charged by making use of a lightning cable that is included with it. The cable is equivalent to your iPhone or iPad cable, and that means you may also make use of your phone cable. Now, let’s observe how doing it step-by-step.

  1. Plug your remote cable port because of the USB cable.
  2. Attach one other end, which will be often the broader one, with either your Mac Computer or Apple Adapter.

And voila! Your remote will begin asking. The best thing about any of it is you’ll be able to make use of your iPad or iPod cable.

Method number 2: fee Your Apple television Remote utilizing a Wireless Charger

If asking with a cable is stressful for you personally, or perhaps you want your television remote to charge with no hassle, this process is all that’s necessary. Should you want to charge without a cord, you’ll need an invisible receiver lightning port and follow these steps.

  1. Install a wireless receiver at the rear of the remote. 
  2. Place it on a wireless charging pad.

And there you go! Now, the remote will charge fine. 

Keep at heart

Your streaming and video gaming can carry on in the event that you recharge it since it is perhaps not rechargeable. The best benefit of Apple products is you need to use any Apple unit cable like iPhone, iPad, or iPod to charge your other unit, as well as your Apple television Remote. And also this can be done because them all have a similar cable slot, that makes it so excellent. But batteries have to be actually changed when you have the older variation. 


Now we all know just how to charge our television remote effectively. But keep in mind, there is no need to recharge your remote often. Only take action when you can get a warning on your own television about low battery.

Frequently Expected concerns

How may I check out the staying fee of my remote?

In your Apple television, available Settings through the house display screen. Scroll down in the display screen that may seem to understand “Remotes and Devices” option. You’ll see the “Remote” option with battery pack images into the “Remote” menu. Which will show just how much fee is kept. Simply click this method, plus the display screen that may appear will show the battery pack degree because of the proper portion of this remote. 

what’s the total charging time for the Apple television remote?

Apple television remote chargers often just take three hours to allow them to charge entirely. If it requires much longer, you will need to contact the Apple shop.

How very long does the Apple TV remote charge last?

It depends upon the employment of the remote. Theoretically, video gaming usually drains the battery quicker. The battery pack can endure about two months if you utilize the television each night and play games. 

in which are you able to purchase this remote?

You can purchase this remote from lots of stores. But, Best purchase and Amazon are good third-party stores, or the most effective supply buying Apple television remotes could be the Apple Store it self. 

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