How To Charge the Magic Mouse

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  2. How to check on The energy Left in your Magic Mouse Battery
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How To Charge Your Mac’s Magic Mouse

Unlike its Magic Mouse predecessor, Magic Mouse 2 has an inbuilt Li-ion battery that requires recharging. Follow these actions to charge your Magic Mouse 2:

  1. Flip the mouse and locate the billing port in the bottom end associated with rear.
  2. Take a lightning cable and connect the charging end to your billing slot.
  3. Connect the USB end to your Mac. The mouse begins billing, and you ought to understand battery pack degree enhance.

You may also link the USB end to an adapter and cost the mouse straight from an AC socket. This is how doing it:

  1. Locate the billing port.
  2. Connect the lightning cable to your billing slot.
  3. Attach the USB end to your adapter of one’s iPhone, then connect it to an electric socket.
  4. Turn on the socket, as well as your mouse should begin billing.


There is a debate between technology professionals on whether you need to charge the Magic Mouse while switched down or otherwise not. The affirmative part states a tool fees faster when its functions are down. But, Apple recommends the charging process for the mouse while switched in for the quickest battery pack performance. But, you could remember that regardless of the technique you select, you simply cannot make use of your mouse because it charges as a result of practicality.

How To check out the energy Left in your Magic Mouse Battery

It’s essential to monitor simply how much is kept in your battery pack in order to avoid operating away from power and interrupting productivity. Follow these actions to check on simply how much electric batteries stays on your own miracle mouse:

  1. Open the Apple menu in the top-left part of one’s computer.
  2. Scroll down the drop-down menu and choose “System Choices.”
  3. A brand new screen will start then you can certainly Click on your Magic Mouse.
  4. Another screen will start, and you is able to see the total amount of energy in your battery pack into the bottom-left corner.


A ten-minute cost of one’s miracle mouse will give you the full day’s usage while billing the unit for 2 moments provides sufficient capacity to endure up to nine hours. As you can select whether you wish to switch on the mouse along with your Mac or direct power, billing throughout your computer takes longer than charging you from an AC socket.


The brand new design of Apple’s Magic Mouse causes it to be difficult to make use of while billing. it is essential to track simply how much energy is staying in your battery pack, and you may be sure from your own computer. If you want to charge the secret mouse, use a lightning cable to charge it throughout your computer or from an AC socket. We wish this guide ended up being helpful.

Frequently Expected concerns

How do we understand that my Magic Mouse is charging you?

There are a couple of methods to check always whether your secret mouse is billing. 1st technique is through checking the battery portion on your computers’ status club. If your Bluetooth is on, additionally the mouse is billing, you will notice a “Mouse Battery Level” followed closely by the portion on a grayed area in the Bluetooth menu.

Secondly, you can examine the progress of one’s electric batteries in the mouse’s primary menu. Here you will find the actions to follow:
1. Open Apple’s main menu.
2. Select “System Choices.”
3. Tap on the Magic Mouse to understand battery pack portion and measure.

Can We charge my Magic Mouse with my iPhone charger?

Yes. The lightning cable aided by the miracle mouse resembles your iPhone or iPad charger and acts exactly the same function.

How very long does it just take to charge a magic mouse completely?

To fully charge the Magic Mouse, you will need to power it for 2 hours. This energy can endure you as much as 8 weeks. But, a two-minute cost if the energy is low can last you as much as nine hours.

Does Magic Mouse 2 light while asking?

No. Unlike its predecessor, which lit up a green light while billing, Magic Mouse 2 won’t have a glowing indicator.

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