How To Check AirPods Warranty

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Methods to check on Apple AirPods Warranty

Method # 1: always check AirPods Warranty via Apple Check CoverageMethod number 2: always check AirPods Warranty via Paired iPhoneConclusionMethods To check always Apple AirPods Warranty

Whether you’ve bought the AirPods recently and wish to check out the guarantee activation date or have forgotten the date of purchase, Apple has you covered both in situations. Apple provides a warranty check either online or through the paired iPhone.

Method # 1: always check AirPods Warranty via Apple Check Coverage Apple has covered its users with a passionate Apple always check Coverage Website, where you are able to check out the guarantee of the Apple products and add-ons. Therefore, you may check out the AirPods guarantee through Apple’s Check Coverage, and right here’s how exactly to do it.Go to

Apple’s Check Coverage website from your own web browser (either PC or mobile).Enter the unique Serial Number regarding the AirPods. You find the Serial range the AirPods written regarding the AirPods case, original packaging, or the

paired iPhone


If you see

  1. “Purchase Date Not Validated
    • ” in the display screen, upgrade it by after the website link.  
    • Check the heading
  2. “Repairs and provider Coverage

“; if it states “Active

“, the AirPods have been in formal guarantee through the maker. Go through the


, and you’ll find more details concerning the equipment fix and replacement included in Apple’s restricted Warranty for your AirPods. You’ll additionally start to see the

  1. estimated termination date for the guarantee. Keep in MindYou’ll need certainly to
  2. validate the date of purchase in the event that you’ve bought your AirPods from a third-party seller
    like Amazon. Click on the “Update Purchase Date” link to validate the precise purchase date.   Method number 2: always check AirPods Warranty via Paired iPhoneYou can additionally check out the Airpod’s guarantee utilising the paired iPhone device in the event that you don’t need to always check the estimated remaining time via the web site. Here’s how exactly to check out the guarantee status of your AirPods from paired iPhone device.Go to Settings
  3. in your paired iPhone device.Tap “Bluetooth
  4. “.Tap on the information (letter “i” inside a circle) button beside the paired AirPods you wish to check out the guarantee status. You find the “Limited Warranty” at the conclusion regarding the display screen in which the termination date is going to be written through the about area. TipYou can simply start to see the guarantee termination date right here in DD/MM/YY format. You’ll touch and start this area to understand more about the guarantee protection. In the event that AirPods are away from guarantee, the

“Limited Warranty

” area will show the “Expired” message rather than the date. ConclusionApple has covered its users with support and help, and that’s the unique feature because of this brand name. Likewise, Apple keeps you alert to the guarantee termination date of the AirPods in case you’ve forgotten the purchase date or wish to know the projected staying guarantee. You can examine the guarantee status through the Apple Check Coverage site or the paired iPhone device. You may also check out the active phone help, active repairs, and solution protection alongside the predicted guarantee termination date through the Apple Check Coverage.

Apple provides a small guarantee to your users for the AirPods along with other add-ons for just one 12 months because the purchase regarding the item. Nevertheless, it should be noted that Apple’s guarantee covers just restricted defects and can perhaps not protect water damage and mold or other accidental damages.

Moreover, in the event that AirPods are covered utilizing the

  1. AppleCare+, you’ll pay the service fee
  2. per the event and change the damaged AirPods or situation. Wondering how exactly to check out the AirPods guarantee? Quick SolutionYou can check out the AirPods guarantee by two techniques. You can examine the AirPods guarantee from
  3. Apple’s Check Coverage site, where you’ll be expected to enter the unique Serial Number
  4. of AirPods (on the initial situation or packaging).You may also check out the AirPods remaining guarantee through the paired iPhone

. Head to

Settings > “Bluetooth” and faucet the information button next to AirPods. Within the “Limited Warranty

” area, there is the rest of the guarantee of your AirPods. 

Many of you are residing a busy life or don’t remember the purchase date of your AirPods for whatever reason; worry perhaps not! You can check out the AirPods warranty online or through the paired iPhone device. 

This article will make suggestions through the step by step guide to test the Apple Warranty for your AirPods. Keep on reading to know more!

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