How To Check if an iPad Is Stolen

Stolen iPad

Are you on the list of many enthusiasts of iPad devices that choose purchasing an utilized model at an even more cost-effective price than buying a brand new one? Despite the fact that this choice can save you some cash, it could be dangerous. Before making a decision to acquire a second-hand iPad, you ought to work out some care. It is because a few people are attempting to sell taken iPad to ignorant purchasers. Just how are you able to verify that the iPad was taken?

Quick Answer

There are a few techniques to verify that an iPad is taken. One of many typical methods is checking the IMEI quantity. Other proven methods consist of checking the Activation Lock together with documentation (receipt).

Apple takes protection really, ensuring they will have no access towards the user’s unit. Generally there isn’t any method Apple can verify that an iPad is a stolen unit, but there are more proven techniques you should use. 

In this informative article, we’ll walk you through the many techniques to verify that an iPad is taken. 

Dining table of articles

  1. Steps to test if an iPad Is Stolen 
    • Method # 1: Checking the IMEI Number 
    • Method # 2: Checking the Activation Lock
    • Method no. 3: Checking the Documentation (Receipt)
  2. Conclusion 

Steps To verify that an iPad Is Stolen 

right here are 3 ways to check on if an iPad is a stolen device.

Method # 1: Checking the IMEI Number 

Obtaining the IMEI or the device’s serial quantity, particularly if purchasing it from a person vendor, may be the widely used technique to learn if an iPad is taken.


Every iPad model features a serial quantity. Nevertheless, you can view an IMEI quantity just on cellular iPad models, a mix of Wi-Fi and mobile model. Therefore, you ought ton’t be prepared to see an IMEI quantity in the iPad if it is perhaps not the mobile model.

Here’s just how to understand if an iPad is a stolen unit by checking the IMEI number.

  1. Go to your device’s Settings.
  2. Click “General” > “About” in the next web page to begin to see the serial and IMEI figures. Instead, it is possible to check the rear of the iPad to begin to see the figures into the small print.
  3. Use online solutions to check on after obtaining the IMEI quantity to learn if it is reported taken or clean. The available on the internet solutions you should use include Stolen Phone Checker, IPRO, and swappa.


It is advisable never to continue aided by the purchase in the event that vendor doesn’t reveal the IMEI (for a cellular model).

Method no. 2: Checking the Activation Lock

Another solution to understand if an iPad is taken is through checking the Activation Lock. The master of the taken unit may very well have turned the Activation Lock in the iPad. 

Keep at heart

It is advisable never to buy an Activation Locked device, whether or not it is really not taken. Should you choose, you won’t have the ability to stimulate the iPad, making it worthless. Just the owner can unlock and eliminate the Activation Lock utilizing an individual Apple ID username and passcode.

Here’s just how to understand if an iPad is a stolen unit by checking the Activation Lock.

  1. Have a physical conference with all the vendor in a safe destination.
  2. Hand the iPad towards the seller to turn it on and unlock it.
  3. Open the Settings app.
  4. Hit “General”.
  5. Click “Reset”.
  6. Press “Erase All Content and Settings”.
  7. Wait to begin to see the iPad show “Set up your iPad” as a welcome display.

With this, the iPad is erased, the Activation Lock is eliminated, plus the unit is prepared for use.


Before using ownership, be sure that the erasing procedure is complete. Just in case owner doesn’t enter the most suitable owner’s Apple ID and password, it would likely imply that the product is a stolen iPad.

Method no. 3: Checking the Documentation (Receipt)

If the iPad is without an IMEI quantity since it’s a Wi-Fi model, it is possible to request the documents regarding the iPad through the vendor. Because of the sales receipt provided by the shop an individual purchased the product, it is possible to inform in the event that iPad ended up being taken or not.

Nonetheless, in the event that unit ended up being bought from an Apple web store, you may want to just take certain actions to recover the receipt. 

Here’s just how to check out the receipt to learn whether or not the iPad is a stolen device.

  1. Launch a browser on your own unit and available the Apple purchase page.
  2. Sign in utilizing your Apple ID or find a person purchase by replenishing the “Order quantity” and “Email Address” areas. You can always check your acknowledgment e-mail to check on your purchase quantity.
  3. Select one of many bought services and products if you are using your Apple ID. 
  4. Hit the “View Invoice” link once you begin to see the purchase details to start your invoice receipt page containing factual statements about your item. These generally include the product description, the product’s cost, date of purchase, purchase quantity, device’s serial quantity, and repayment method.
  5. Click the “Print” switch to print it in an amiable structure. 

Quick Tip

You can search your email messages to obtain the receipt in the event that you nevertheless make use of the same email you utilized whenever you purchased the product. After each effective repayment, Apple delivers e-mail receipts automatically.

However, if some body cannot give you the receipt, it would likely imply that the product is a stolen iPad.


You shouldn’t be a careless customer whom buys a second-hand iPad without ascertaining so it’s clean. This informative article provides methods to understand how to verify that an iPad is taken. The 3 techniques should help in keeping you avert any difficulty which could ensue by buying a stolen device.

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