How To Check Wi-Fi Data Usage on iPhone

  1. 2 Ways To Check Your iPhone’s Wi-Fi Data Usage
    • Method # 1: Checking Wi-Fi Data use With a Third-Party App 
    • Method # 2: Checking Wi-Fi information use in your Router 
  2. Conclusion 

2 How to check always Your iPhone’s Wi-Fi Data use

Downloading a third-party app or checking the logs on your own router to learn your iPhone’s Wi-Fi information usage provides you with an expected value of one’s information usage. Nonetheless, the values you receive making use of either of the tools aren’t 100% accurate. Probably the most accurate option to determine information use on your own iPhone is through contacting your carrier/internet provider

However, if you should be concerned with your computer data use, and want to know an estimated figure of simply how much information you employ, then making use of either of the practices is ideal. Its beneficial to understand your computer data use because it makes it possible to comprehend and average down your Wi-Fi usage practice. 

Method # 1: Checking Wi-Fi Data use With a Third-Party App 

Downloading a third-party application through the App Store to monitor and monitor your Wi-Fi information usage is a superb solution to monitor your computer data usage. With one of these tools, you receive usage of additional features such as for example planning your computer data use, setting an alarm alert whenever you’ve utilized a configured number of information, and a whole lot. 

A perfect example of a third-party application you need to use to check on your Wi-Fi information usage on an iPhone could be the My information Manager app. This application can be obtained in the App shop and it is liberated to utilize, though there could be some in-app acquisitions. Top component about any of it is the fact that configuring it is pretty direct. 

Here’s just how to always check your iPhone’s Wi-Fi usage utilising the My information Manager.

  1. Go to your App Store on your own iPhone and down load the My information Manager application. 
  2. Open the application, and it’ll straight away begin signing your computer data use with no hassle of making a free account. 
  3. In the application, you are able to click on the icons at the end of one’s display to view set information alerts and monitor your Wi-Fi usage utilising the information summary, information graph, information map, and information history columns. 

Keep at heart

In the My Data Manager application, the info graph line monitors the time of one’s information session, within the information map line, you are able to keep an eye on the locations you utilized the Wi-Fi on your own iPhone.

Method # 2: Checking Wi-Fi information use on your own Router 

Another way you can examine your iPhone’s information usage is on your own router. Nonetheless, this will depend on the kind of router you’ve got. In the event that you possess a router that logs the info session of each connected device separately, then you’ll be able to utilize this technique. 

Note that the process to utilize a router to monitor information usage differs with regards to the style of router you possess. Some routers usually do not log the info session of each connected device separately. In the event your router is similar to this, then to utilize this technique, you need to link just your iPhone to your router for the time scale you’re attempting to always check the Wi-Fi information usage. 

Here’s just how to always check your iPhone’s Wi-Fi information usage on your own router.

  1. Log in as an admin to your router’s system utilising the log-in information on the router when you yourself have perhaps not changed it. 
  2. On the admin web page, navigate to “Settings” while the “Data use” page. 
  3. Locate and touch your iPhone MAC target to look at simply how much information this has utilized.  

Keep in Mind

You can only just make use of your router observe your iPhone’s information usage in the event that router’s firmware supports logging and storing data usage.


Though every person prefers an unlimited Wi-Fi information package, not everybody are able to afford it. Ergo, monitoring your Wi-Fi information use is amongst the most useful methods to remain under control. 

Using a third-party application is excellent, nonetheless it can only just monitor your use through the time you help it. Top & most dependable solution to monitor your computer data use on an iPhone would be to consult your internet provider daily.

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