How To Clean a Razer Keyboard

Razer Keyboard

Steps to wash a Razer Keyboard 

Step # 1: take away the Keycaps 

Step # 2: Clean the Keycaps Step no. 3: Clean the Keyboard Step number 4: Reassemble Conclusion Frequently expected concerns Steps to wash a Razer Keyboard The actions below enumerate how exactly to clean a Razer keyboard correctly. 

Step # 1: take away the Keycaps The very first thing for you to do would be to take away the keycaps associated with the Razer keyboard. Because the Razer keyboard is sold with a keycap puller, it is simple to put it to use to eliminate the tips. But before you begin taking out the tips, just take a photo associated with the keyboard which means you have actually a reference to use whenever coupling it right back. when you wish to begin taking out the tips,

ensure the keyboard is unplugged

before beginning cleansing. To get rid of the keycaps, make use of the puller to pry the tips upward to dislodge them from their base. You may need to wiggle it a little to eliminate it. 

  1. Step # 2: Clean the Keycaps 
    • once you take away the keycaps, put them in a plastic cup, which means you don’t miss any keycaps through the cleansing procedure. Clean each keycap with a
    • clean, absorbent cloth
    • to eliminate dirt and dust regarding the tips. 
    • Get rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab and make use of that to
  2. clean the interior
  3. of each and every keycap. It may be quite a job, therefore have patience while cleansing each keycap. Keep consitently the washed keycap in a different container for effortless recognition. After cleansing all of the keycaps, have them aside to dry correctly. 

Step no. 3: Clean the Keyboard 

To clean the keyboard, usage a

dusting spray

(a compressed atmosphere spray) to spray a high-pressure blast of atmosphere to eliminate dirt and debris regarding the keyboard. Applying this spray is vital since it is gentle regarding the delicate electronic components regarding the keyboard. 

It would assist in the event that you utilized a cotton ball to eradicate dirt regarding the keyboard correctly. Additionally, you may want to make use of a cotton swab and rubbing liquor to eliminate tough-to-reach spots regarding the keyboard. After cleansing the keyboard, keep it in an airy area and permit it to dry. Step number 4: Reassemble Finally, after cleansing the keyboard, assemble the keycap you eliminated. Reference the image you took, at first, to learn where each keycap goes. Carefully

push the keycap

against its appropriate slot. Whenever you hear a snap, it indicates the keycap is in position. Ensure you do perhaps not reattach any keycap which has perhaps not completely dried

, as this might harm perhaps not only the LED for the keyboard but other delicate aspects of the keyboard. Keep in MindNot all Razer keyboards help detachable keycaps. Therefore, if for example the Razer keyboard is detachable, make sure you take it off to completely clean it correctly.


As you can view with this article, you’ll find nothing complicated about cleansing a Razer keyboard. Therefore, for those who have been utilizing a Razer keyboard for a long period, it could be time and energy to clean it. Stick to the actions enumerated in this essay to completely clean it your self. Frequently expected concerns Can I soak my Razer keyboard in rubbing liquor? You can immerse the keycaps of one’s Razer keyboard in rubbing liquor, unlike in water. However when you are doing, guarantee you give it time to

dry properly

before reattaching it to your keyboard. Rubbing liquor was reported in many instances to own undesireable effects regarding the electronic aspects of some products. 

Is eliminating the keycap associated with the Razer keyboard secure? The Razer keyboard is a mechanical keyboard; thus, it absolutely was built to manage to manage getting rid of its keycap. Nonetheless, we suggest you do maybe not do therefore too often

. The greater amount of usually you take away the keycap of one’s Razer keyboard, the slacker the tips will end up, plus it may find yourself falling off as time passes. Can you vacuum a Razer keyboard? If there is no need usage of a spray can, it is simple to make use of vacuum pressure cleaner to connect dirt and dust out from the keyboard. However, if you are likely to do this, make sure you

take care not to ever get water or dust

in to the keyboard.

The Razer keyboard is a technical keyboard, and like almost every other one, it could accumulate dust and debris. Since the Razer keyboard features backlights, this dust and debris can simply be observed. And yes, cleansing dust and debris from your own Razer keyboard is achievable. Nonetheless, issue many individuals keep asking is just how to clean it? 

Quick response

To clean a Razer keyboard, start with

removing the keycaps to completely clean it correctly. Next, blow the keyboard with a dust sprayer and make use of a cotton swab or cotton ball with

rubbing alcohol

to completely clean the keyboard. Finally, reassemble the keyboard, and you’re all done. While the Razer keyboard is durable and resistant to many things, they have been not water resistant

; thus, don’t place the keyboard in water. Even with getting rid of the keycap, don’t place it in water since the

keycap is created with synthetic that isn’t moisture-resistant; thus, it could take in water if wet, that may lead them to decline faster.Keep reading to master just how to clean a Razer keyboard in the correct manner.  

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