How To Clean Circuit Board Corrosion From Computer

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  1. What Exactly Is Circuit Board Corrosion?
  2. Removing Corrosion From a Circuit Board
    • Method # 1: Applying Compressed Air
    • Method number 2: making use of Isopropyl Alcohol
    • Method number 3: making use of liquid and Baking Soda
  3. Safety instructions While Cleaning Circuit Boards
  4. Summary
  5. Frequently expected concerns

What is Circuit Board Corrosion?

Corrosion could be the oxidation procedure when air combines with steel, forming rust and evoking the steel to digest and lose its practical chemical traits by creating iron oxide.

A circuit board might corrode because all computer systems contain spaces that allow atmosphere to enter, bringing grit, debris, as well as other toxins along with it. It would likely consist of moist and dry contaminants that may degrade your circuit board with time.

Imagine playing a game title on your pc while snack and ingesting. Away from nowhere, your digital opponents desire to secure horns with you, forcing you to definitely respond fast. Doing this causes your beverage container to become imbalanced and fall down. You won’t be thinking at that time that this small accident can change into a catastrophe.

However, the spills makes option to your computer circuit board. Since the computer circuit panels are mostly metal as they are subjected to air, they are able to corrode over time with water. Exactly the same holds true for airborne contaminants aswell.

Removing Corrosion From a Circuit Board

Getting rid of corrosion from some type of computer circuit board requires knowledge and DIY self-confidence. Our every step-by-step technique allow you to have the whole procedure with great ease.

We’ll also discuss a few cleaning security recommendations before you continue the corrosion elimination. Therefore without wasting more time, here you will find the three practices that guide you on the best way to clean circuit board corrosion from some type of computer.

Method no. 1: Applying Compressed Air

Applying compressed atmosphere towards the Computer circuit board through the available gaps into the Central Processing Unit is a non-disruptive means of eliminating rust through the area. Nonetheless, there clearly was another means of carrying it out.

  1. First, turn fully off your pc and unplug it through the main energy supply.
  2. Now open the Central Processing Unit situation with a screwdriver.
  3. Confirm signs and symptoms of accumulation of corrosion and blow compressed air near the warmth generator as well as on the surface of the circuit’s channels to wash the rust.

Method number 2: making use of Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl liquor is a perfect circuit cleaning device as it is cheap and rapidly dries.

  1. Soak a cotton bud with Isopropyl alcohol.
  2. Squeeze the end associated with the cotton bud to get rid of the excess solution.
  3. Now carefully brush the cotton bud around your computer circuit board to get rid of any corrosion.
  4. Finally, blow away any dislodged dust with compressed atmosphere.


Use 90% Isopropyl Alcohol for cleansing computer circuit panels for best outcomes.

Method no. 3: making use of liquid and Baking Soda

The carefully corrosive nature regarding the soft drink eliminates the corrosions without producing any harmful effects.

  1. Open the Central Processing Unit situation and carefully rub the rust utilizing a pencil eraser.
  2. Mix one part cooking soft drink with two to four components water and hold back until they become a thick paste.
  3. Now utilize a paintbrush to scrub the answer into circuit board corroded areas.
  4. Let the circuit board dry for 30-45 minutes and wash it with additional water later.
  5. Finally, usage a microfiber fabric or locks dryer to dry your circuit board and shut the Central Processing Unit situation.


Use distilled water as it does not have ions that carry electric energy; therefore, it’ll not harm your circuit board.

Safety Tips While Cleaning Circuit Boards

Cleaning some type of computer circuit board isn’t exactly like cleansing your countertop, and you’ll harm it. Nonetheless, your whole procedure are safe and simple if done right. We anticipate you to definitely adapt the next safety recommendations before trying to wash the rust from the PC.


In this guide on how to clean circuit board corrosion from some type of computer, we talked about eliminating the rust by making use of compressed atmosphere, Isopropyl liquor, and a variety of distilled water and baking soft drink. We additionally talked about the security tips in order to avoid irreparable injury to your pc while cleansing.

We hope which you don’t need certainly to worry any longer. You can now dump circuit board corrosion yourself and certainly will save yourself a couple of dollars without requiring the solutions of a PC repair center to accomplish the work for you personally.

Frequently expected concerns

Can Isopropyl Alcohol harm my Computer?

Isopropyl Alcohol may damage your pc. Consequently, it is suggested to utilize the cleaner to a cloth first then make use of the fabric to rub the top of circuit board. Additionally, make sure that the material is slightly wet utilizing the solution instead of dripping wet.

How do I clean battery pack corrosion off circuit panels?

If you observe any battery-related product regarding the circuit board, wipe it utilizing a cotton ball wet with white vinegar. Next, follow through aided by the Isopropyl Alcohol technique. We counsel you to take action sporadically.

Can I personally use Hydrogen Peroxide to clean my Computer Circuit Board?

You may use hydrogen peroxide (3%-6%) or isopropyl liquor. Nonetheless, it could degrade the finishes on some areas, therefore be additional careful when using them.

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