How To Clean PS4 Controller Sticks

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PS4 controller

Things to consider Before Cleaning PS4 Controller SticksMethods for Cleaning PS4 Controller SticksMethod no. 1: cleansing the exterior of PS4 Controller SticksMethod # 2: cleansing the interior of PS4 Controller SticksStep no. 1: eliminate Screws From the straight back

Step # 2: Pull the dishes Apart

Step number 3: take away the Ribbon CableStep # 4: carefully take out the PartsStep # 5: start With CleaningStep number 6: Reassemble the ControllerMethod number 3: cleansing Seam and slim Gaps


Frequently expected concerns

  1. Things to bear in mind Before cleansing PS4 Controller Sticks
  2. Before initiating the cleansing procedure, you can find some trouble spots you’ll want to be aware of where grime is most probably to amass.
    • The
    • grip zone
      • (the spot from where you possess the controller).
      • The
      • gap across the sticks’ edges
      • where front and straight back dishes join.
      • The
      • headset
    • ,
  3. asking
  4. , and

expansion ports


  • The analog sticks.
  • Methods for Cleaning PS4 Controller SticksIf you might be wondering just how to clean PS4 controller sticks, our 3 step by step techniques can assist you in doing this task without much trouble.Method no. 1: cleansing the exterior of PS4 Controller Sticks
  • Before pulling the sticks aside, it is more straightforward to wipe them properly through the outside.Mix 1 element of water with 1 part of rubbing alcohol and fill this mixture in a spray container.Put the lid straight back on and carefully go the container upside down for better mixing.Take a microfiber cloth
  • and spray 2 to 3 spurts regarding the mixture.

Wipe down

the complete area of one’s controller utilizing the damped cloth.

Let the controller

air dry

  1. before utilizing it once again.   TipYou also can utilize
  2. a lint-free towel
  3. , but a microfiber fabric is way better at catching dirt particles.Method # 2: cleansing the interior of PS4 Controller SticksFollow the steps below to wash your PS4 controller sticks through the inside.Step no. 1: eliminate Screws From the BackFlip the controller over and
  4. remove all 4 screws from the straight back. For most useful outcomes, use a
  5. 4 to 5-inch screwdriver with this.Step # 2: Pull the dishes Apart
Wiping a PS controller

Insert a

flathead screwdriver into the space to start the controller sticks and pull the dishes aside. Keep pressing upwards till the controller opens up totally.Step number 3: take away the Ribbon Cable

You will see a

ribbon cable

now connected to the connecter slot.

Pull it awaygently and work out certain never to break the wire.Step no. 4: carefully take out the componentsKeep on

removing most of the components

present as part of your controller one at a time. Ensure to keep every thing in an effort in order to place them straight back quickly. After accessing the sticks, pull them aside and blow the dirt underneath.

Next, simply take a

flat screwdriver to pry available the 2 green chambers connected to the sticks. Now, remove the white disk and set it apart.  Step # 5: start With CleaningNow, usage a


, dip it with liquor and clean the region where in fact the disk had been without making any fuzz behind. Allow every thing air dry and place straight back the white disk. Step number 6: Reassemble the ControllerPut most of the components back again to their

Dismantled PS controller

original location. Screw the dishes together and make use of the controller sticks to validate that most settings are working fine.Method number 3: cleansing Seam and slim GapsDust and debris accumulate in the seam and slim gaps into the controller sticks. For cleansing these components, some tips about what you have to do.Take a

Dismantling a PS controller

piece of paper

, and fold it until it gets sturdy.Run the paper from the advantage through the seam (i.e., the space where in fact the back and front side plates join).Repeat

Cleaning a PS4 controller

the method before the controller appears clean. 

Clean all the slim crevices in the controller utilising the exact same folded paper.Tip


wooden toothpick

  1. or Q-tip dipped in alcohol could also be used to eradicate any dust accumulated into the slim gaps and seam of one’s PS4 controller.
  2. SummaryIn this write-up on how best to clean PS4 controller sticks, we’ve explored numerous things you have to bear in mind prior to starting the cleansing procedure and talked about 3 easy options for eliminating any dust caught in your controller.Hopefully, you will enjoy a seamless video gaming experience because of clean controllers. Keep utilizing these processes occasionally to save lots of your PS4 DualShock from getting all dirty and oily.
  3. Frequently Expected concernsDo dirt and debris lead to stick drift?
  4. Yes, stick drift

may be brought on by dust or debris going into the module. In easy terms, dirt is among the main reasons users experience controller drift. Maintaining the

PS4 DualShock far from dusty places is generally suggested to prevent this. Ensure to put up the sticks just with clean arms.How do we fix a sticky controller stick?If your controller stick is gluey, it is possible to correct it utilizing rubbing liquor and baby buds

Isopropyl alcohol and PS controller

. Because of this,

unplug the DualShock

controller first. Dip the baby buds in

alcohol and rub

them in the gluey buttons. Perform the method till most of the stickiness is fully gone. Allow the tips

air dry before utilising the controller once again.

The PlayStation 4

is a top-notch house games system and it is among the best devices in the marketplace now.

Controller sticks that are included with PS4 elevate the complete video gaming experience. But, it is imperative to keep them clean for longer life.Quick AnswerIt is achievable to completely clean PS4 controller sticks utilizing a microfiber fabric damped with isopropyl alcohol or a folded little bit of paper to completely clean dirt caught in slim gaps. You could clean the sticks through the inside after pulling the plates apart.  We have actually written an extensive guide for you personally describing items to bear in mind before continuing utilizing the cleansing procedure plus some options for clearing away all dust and debris through the controller sticks.

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