How To Clear Keyboard Suggestions

With the

QuickType feature

on iOS 8 and later, you’ll form a whole phrase with only a couple of taps. This particular feature allows your iPhone keep in mind any term you kind and intelligently recommend it when typing. Nevertheless, in the event that you frequently misspell a word, it’ll immediately discover and gives it as an indication. To end this, you must clear your keyboard suggestions history. Now, issue is, how can you clear your keyboard suggestion? 

Quick response

Your iPhone’s keyboard dictionary constantly learns brand new terms from your own constant typing style. Assume, for just one explanation or one other, the recommendations of one’s keyboard not fit your typing style. If so, you’ll clear the keyboard history when you go to your phone’s Settings app and navigating towards the “Reset Keyboard Dictionary” substitute for clear all keyboard suggestions. 

Unlike other products, you simply cannot individually eliminate a learned term from an iPhone’s keyboard’s dictionary. Therefore, to get rid of incorrect terms your keyboard’s dictionary has discovered, you have to clear your typing history.

This article describes just how to clear your keyboard’s dictionary plus the better utilization of the recommendation function on your own iPhone. 

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