How To Clear Suggested Words on iPhone

Creating new message on iPhone

Reasons Why iPhone Keeps Suggesting terms

Reason no. 1: Predictive Text Is Enabled

Reason # 2: Autocorrect Is EnabledClearing recommended terms on iPhoneMethod # 1: Reset iPhone KeyboardMethod number 2: Edit Suggested WordsMethod no. 3: down load Another KeyboardMethod # 4: Disable Predictive Text and AutocorrectSummaryFrequently expected concernsReasons Why iPhone Keeps Suggesting termsiPhone’s operating-system provides many shortcuts to boost consumer experience, including text suggestions

through the keyboard for the next reasons.

Reason no. 1: Predictive Text Is Enabled


  1. predictive text feature
    • on the iPhone indicates the following term by predicting the movement of a conversation. It means terms you commonly key in a conversation, including
    • slang terms
  2. like “yaaas” or “YOLO”. 
    • Reason # 2: Autocorrect Is Enabled
    • The
    • autocorrect feature
    • on iPhone is meant to help your everyday conversations and writing. It immediately corrects any spelling mistakes in terms, nonetheless it may ruin your typing experience should you not intend to make use of that term in a conversation.
  3. Imagine typing “hello” and autocorrect converts it to “hell no”.
  4. Clearing Recommended terms on iPhone

Don’t learn how to clear suggested terms on iPhone? Follow these 4 techniques step-by-step to possess a smooth typing experience.

Method no. 1: Reset iPhone KeyboardThe most simple solution to stop the iPhone from suggesting unimportant terms is through resetting your keyboard. Follow these actions to eliminate text suggestions by predictive text.Go to


> “General” > “Transfer or Reset iPhone“.

Select “

Reset“.Click “

Reset Keyboard Dictionary


Tap on “

Reset Dictionary

” to verify the reset.WarningThe “

  1. Reset Keyboard Dictionary” choice will even clear the names of individuals or places you’ve got utilized in a conversation. It will likewise eliminate any customized terms you utilize usually.Method number 2: Edit Suggested WordsIf you wish to make use of your iPhone’s keyboard to kind formal papers and email messages
  2. , it is simple to modify any slang recommended by the predictive text. Follow these three simple steps to restore a particular recommended term with another term.Go to Settings
  3. > “General” > “
  4. Keyboard” > “Text Replacement


Now faucet regarding the plus (+) symbol within the screen’s upper-right corner.Add the best spelling within the “Phrase

” industry and also the recommended word into the “

Shortcut” industry.You have actually effectively modified recommended terms in your iPhone’s Keyboard Dictionary. Now, predictive text will perhaps not offer the incorrect recommendations.

  1. Method no. 3: down load Another KeyboardIf you don’t desire to lose all of the predictive text history, down load a third-party keyboard through the Appstore to perform several typing customizations. These keyboards provide a few choices to delete predictive text separately and include individualized terms. Follow these actions to create a brand new keyboard in your iPhone.Go to the App Store and install look for keyboards apps into the search industry.
  2. Scroll through a few applications and download the main one you like the most.Go to Settings
  3. > “General” > “Keyboard” to see the possibility to “

Add brand new Keyboard


Add the downloaded keyboard.Tap regarding the third-party keyboard’s title and choose “Allow whole Access

” to make use of it as default.

  1. TipBy downloading and making use of a brand new keyboard, you’ll not lose access to improve back into a typical keyboard.Method no. 4: Disable Predictive Text and Autocorrect
  2. Follow this two-step procedure in the event that you don’t desire any disruption through the iPhone keyboard while texting.
  3. Go to Settings > “General” > “Keyboard” and scroll right down to find “Predictive Text and Autocorrect“.
  4. Tap in the toggle buttons close to “Predictive Text
  5. ” and “Autocorrect” to disable.


In this guide on how to clear suggested terms on iPhone, we introduced the five most simple and tested techniques to relieve your discussion experience. IOS has its own concealed features that many users don’t know.

By after our tips, we guarantee you won’t experience any undesirable disruption from your own pc software system while texting.

Frequently Expected concerns

  1. Can we delete a particular word from iPhone’s dictionary?No, the standard iPhone keyboard will not enable to removal of a particular term or text. Nonetheless, you’ll reset the dictionary to clear the recommended word history.

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    Are you frustrated together with your iPhone’s word suggestions while typing? Does the predictive text keep suggesting unimportant terms in a text discussion? No worries, we have found a solution to stop iPhone’s keywords from interfering with your text messages.Quick AnswerTo clear the recommended texts in your iPhone, you’ll reset the iPhone’s keyboard dictionary by accessing reset settings. Head to Settings

  2. > “General” and scroll right down to find “Reset Settings“. Find the “
    Keyboards settings


” choice and faucet on “

Reset Keyword Dictionary

” to clear all undesirable terms immediately.

The predictive text on iPhone may seem like a handy function, nonetheless it are a nightmare whilst having an informal discussion. It really works perfect for formal email messages, nonetheless it can destroy a chat if you’re a fast typist.

This article will show you with four effective solutions to clear recommended terms on iPhone. We shall additionally talk about modifying your iPhone’s keyboard to obtain the most effective typing experience.

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