How To Clear the Clipboard on Android

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Clipboard on Android

Android the most commonly utilized technology on the planet, with an original innovation that lots of individuals crave on the market. It’s a user-friendly mobile operating-system with easy to get at functions. One could be the clipboard, a short-term storage space space for copied content before pasting it within the desired location. In times in which the room is overcrowded, you’ll want to discover ways to clear the clipboard on Android os.  

Quick Solution

Ideally, it is possible to clear the entries that remain on the Android os clipboard with some ticks. To clear the clipboard, choose an app that supports the on-screen keyboard and copying articles and touch the empty room to gain access to the keyboard. Press the menu icon to discover the clipboard. Mark the component to delete and press the delete icon to clear the space for storing.

Clearing the info kept within the clipboard of the Android os unit is likely to make your smartphone operate faster and provide more room for any other short-term information. 

So, because you must erase or delete every undesired clipboard information, we’ll explore the actions to have it done in this piece. 

  1. Step-by-Step Method To Clear the Clipboard on Android
    • Step number 1: Select an App Supporting an On-Screen Keyboard
    • Step # 2: touch the Space
    • Step # 3: Mark the Part To Delete
    • Step # 4: Delete All
  2. Conclusion 
  3. Frequently expected concerns 

Step-by-Step Method To Clear the Clipboard on Android

Every phone produced comes with a particular storage space ability. This is the reason you’ll want to mind everything you save very well important computer data.

Your room might be greatly occupied by the videos, pictures, or papers. The normal action that a lot of of us do, copying a text and pasting, additionally consumes up room. Even though it’s minor, you’ll want to discover ways to handle it. Below is an individual step by step solution to clear the clipboard on Android.

Quick Suggestion

Before you start the clearing procedure, make sure your device is well-charged. You may want to duplicate the actions when your unit is deterred.

You can clear the clipboard from your own keyboard panel when your unit is Samsung or any Android os that’s not a stock variation.

Step number 1: Select an App Supporting an On-Screen Keyboard

You should begin by starting any software in your unit that supports a keyboard panel. A good example could be the Messages app. Make certain you can duplicate articles from such an app. 

Step # 2: touch the Space

To access the keyboard panel, press the empty room. In the on-screen keyboard, you’ll find a few icons. Select the three dots or arrows you can observe during the panel’s top-right corner. You will observe “Clipboard” within the available choices; choose it to start to see the range of copied clipboard information.

Step # 3: Mark the Part To Delete

You will see a few clipboard articles. Select anyone to delete by doing a long press. After that, hit the “Delete” symbol at the end for the keyboard panel to delete the precise information.


Ensure you select the right component before hitting the “Delete” icon. It is because when the information is deleted, there was no room for retrieval.

If your unit has a new display or environment, may very well not get the “Delete” option after marking the component. So check out the menu, frequently within the top-right part, to obtain the “Clear” key. Press it to delete this content.

Step # 4: Delete All

This is an optional action, which you are able to just take whenever you choose to clear all of the unselected clipboard articles. It surely makes things easier. Whatever you do is long press on any component, and as opposed to choosing the articles one at a time, which takes your own time, find the “All” choice at the end for the keyboard and hit the “Delete” symbol to lose all of the information for empty room. 


Since too numerous articles in your Android os clipboard can slow your device down and possibly compromise crucial information, the actions in this essay will allow you to clear them. Discover and use these actions to eliminate the info for empty space.

Frequently Expected concerns 

How could I switch off the Android os clipboard?

The first faltering step toward switching from the clipboard function on Android os is starting the on-screen keyboard. Hit the clipboard button. You will observe a pencil icon; press the toggle close to it.

How could I clear the clipboard on stock Android os?

If you’re utilizing a tool that operates stock Android os, the initial step toward clearing the clipboard is starting the keyboard panel. Then, hit the clipboard button. Press and contain the conserved information and then click “Delete”. Perform some same for any other content.

How could I clear the clipboard on Android os 10 and above?

1. Install Gboard in your smartphone.
2. Introduce the Settings app and select the Gboard app since the standard input choice.
3. Start a texting app.
4. Press and hold any term to start to see the clipboard choices.
5. Hit “Clipboard” or press the three-dotted symbol before choosing “Clipboard”.
6. In the clipboard history, press and hold any information to delete.
7. Hit the “Delete” symbol.

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