How To Close All Apps on iPhone

  1. Clearing Apps on iPhone
  2. How to Close All Apps on iPhone
    • Method # 1: utilizing the App Switcher
      • Step no. 1: go directly to the App Switcher
      • Step number 2: Swipe to close
      • Bonus action: Assistive Touch
    • Method number 2: making use of Jailbreak Apps
  3. Summary
  4. Frequently expected concerns

Clearing Apps on iPhone

Whenever you reduce or switch apps on your own iPhone, they stay saved regarding the RAM into the back ground, enabling you to get from where you left down by switching straight back. 

Under normal conditions, the software switch process of iPhones enables you to start as numerous apps while you want within the back ground without the dilemmas.

If you leave the apps within the software switcher or shut them all, either action has little if any impact on your iPhone’s battery life or area unless they’ve been enabled to refresh in the back ground.

Nevertheless, understanding how to shut all apps on an iPhone is pertinent knowledge either to navigate your available applications on your own software switcher effortlessly or even to keep consitently the switcher neat and clutter-free.

How to Close All Apps on iPhone

Since there is absolutely no integral function which will enable you to close all of the apps on your own iPhone, we’ve developed a few workarounds which will effortlessly enable you to try this.

Method no. 1: utilizing the App Switcher

This technique calls for you to definitely access your App switcher while you would ordinarily.

Step no. 1: go directly to the App Switcher

Double click on the house button to get into your App switcher on an iPhone with a property key. For iPhones without a property key, swipe through the base of this display towards the center of this display.

Step number 2: Swipe to close

To close apps from your own software switcher, you’ll have actually to manually eliminate the apps in sets of 3 or 4 unless you wipe the switcher clean.

You’ll need certainly to remove the open apps while you would typically by swiping through to the app to work on this. Nevertheless, in the place of swiping singly on a single application, you should use 3 or 4 hands to swipe through to three various apps simultaneously.

Depending on your own motion, this may shut the apps in categories of three to four.

Bonus Action: Assistive Touch

Consider this additional action as a tip to accelerate your swiping procedure. We’ll be leveraging the AssistiveTouch purpose of iOS to quickly attain faster-swiping rate.

Here’s how exactly to calibrate the Assistive Touch:

  1. Open your iPhone settings.
  2. Select General within the settings screen.
  3. Under General, tap Accessibility > AssistiveTouch > Create brand new Gesture.
  4. Mimic the three-finger up swipe from action number 2 within the motion window.
  5. Click on Save.
  6. Rename the new motion, then tap Save once more.
  7. Go back once again to toggle AssistiveTouch On in the AssistiveTouch menu.

Now you have actually put up a shortcut for the 3 up-swipe gestures as well as your AssistiveTouch function is active, you’ll desire to make use of this brand new assistive shortcut next.

Here exactly how:

Method number 2: making use of Jailbreak Apps

This technique works if you utilize a jailbroken iOS device that may access Cydia. Based on your device’s jailbroken iOS version, it is possible to possibly utilize tweaks like Purge, Swipe Residence, or Slide2Kill to close your apps.

Using the Swipe Hike tweak as a reference, it is possible to clear your apps simultaneously in 2 easy steps.

Completing these actions forcefully closes your available apps.


Using jailbreak apps just isn’t an over-all solution. In addition to the jailbreak limitations, it can’t work with greater iPhone variations (> iOS11). Nevertheless, it’s the only real solution that may enable you to shut your open apps at the same time on your own iPhone straight.


In this guide, we’ve discussed tips on how to shut all apps on your own iPhone. Dependent on that which works for you personally, it is possible to shut your apps making use of a jailbreak tweak or the software switcher / AssistiveTouch.

With this guide, at this point you understand how to shut all apps on your own iPhone. We hope we’ve been in a position to respond to your questions on what it is possible to shut your apps on your own iPhone to enable you to quickly get back to making use of your phone clutter-free.

Frequently Expected concerns

How could I shut all apps on Android os?

Closing your open apps on Android os is reasonably simple as there is certainly an integral function with this action. To shut your apps simultaneously, visit your Android’s software switcher, then simply click on Close All below the stack of available apps.

Will Apple put a function that may clear all apps?

Apple hasn’t made any notices regarding incorporating an integral function which will enable users to shut all available apps simultaneously. Therefore, for the time being, Apple will never be incorporating an integral function which will enable users to clear all apps.

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