How To Combine PDF Files on iPhone

  1. Method # 1: Merging PDF data With iPhone Native File App 
  2. Method # 2: Merging PDF data utilising the Merge PDFs Shortcut
  3. Method # 3: Merging PDF Files with Third-Party App 
  4. Method # 4: Merging PDF data on the web with iPhone
  5. Conclusion 

Method number 1: Merging PDF data With iPhone Native File App 

Your iPhone device includes a File app, but few individuals find out about this because lots of people barely put it to use. The File software enables you to browse, edit, and also share files on your own iPhone, and utilising the File software to merge files is pretty straightforward. 

Here’s utilizing the iPhone indigenous File application to mix files on iPhones.

  1. Open the File app on your own iPhone by doing a spotlight search.
  2. Search for the files you need to combine within the File software. 
  3. Choose the files you desire to combine by tapping “Select” near the top of your iPhone. 
  4. Tap the menu (three dots) icon within the base right part, then select “Create PDF“.


The File software just isn’t available on all iPhone products, plus the File software just operates on iPhones with iOS 11 and later on. Once you merge files with all the File software, it seems in identical folder whilst the PDFs you chosen by standard.

Method # 2: Merging PDF data utilising the Merge PDFs Shortcut

Another simple method to combine files would be to install the “Merge PDF” shortcut. Using this shortcut, you are able to combine PDFs from anywhere, as well as your email messages, files, etc. 

Here’s utilizing the “Merge PDFs” shortcut to mix files on iPhones.

  1. Open the folder where you conserve the PDFs and choose the people you need to merge. 
  2. Click in the share icon in the software where you conserve the files. 
  3. Tap in the “Merge PDF” option to mix the chosen PDFs. 
  4. Set the name you need to register become then touch on “Done“. 
  5. Select the place you need to have the PDF file saved and click “Add” in order to complete. 

Over time, Apple’s Shortcuts software has proven beneficial. It lets you combine PDF files in mere a couple of taps. It really is free and produced by Apple, so that you don’t need to worry about protection problems. 

Method # 3: Merging PDF data with Third-Party App 

You can download a few third-party apps through the App shop to merge PDFs, such as for example PDF specialist

Here’s utilizing a third-party software to mix files on iPhones.

  1. Download the PDF merging app on App Store
  2. Launch the software in order to find the right path to File Manager. 
  3. Tap on “Select” and select the files you need to merge. 
  4. Click “Merge“, plus the files helps you to save in your phone File software. 

The benefit of utilizing a third-party software to merge PDFs is the fact that you can get more customizable choices.

Method # 4: Merging PDF data on the web with iPhone

If you can’t utilize the iPhone File software or the Shortcut application for starters explanation or any other, your absolute best choice is to make use of an online file merging platform. A few online platforms allow users to merge files of the option without the need to install any software. All you need to do is upload the files towards the platform and down load them as one file. 

Here’s utilizing an on-line platform to mix files on iPhones. 

  1. Find an online platform that supports file merging, and start it on your own local web browser.  
  2. Upload the files you need to merge towards the website.
  3. Edit the files if at all possible by rearranging the pages or renaming the file.  
  4. Download the merge PDF to the local storage space or cloud. 


Not all online file merging platforms are free to use, and a lot of free-to-use file merging platforms have restrictions. Nevertheless, paid file merging platforms present more freedom, including modifying ability.


Whether you install a shortcut or third-party software from App shop or utilize Apple’s File software, the end result is that the techniques explained in this specific article all work excellently with combining files. But be cautious regarding the methods you employ when merging files, as some might not preserve the content as-is.

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