How To Compress a Video on iPhone

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  1. How To Compress movie data on iPhone making use of Smartphone Settings
  2. Using movie Compress to lessen Video Sizes in iPhone
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  4. Frequently expected concerns

How To Compress movie data on iPhone making use of Smartphone Settings

To some, the simplest way to have their videos compressed is through adjusting the settings. 

here’s how to accomplish this.

  1. Open the “Settings” app in your smartphone. 
  2. Go to the “Camera” option. Choose “Record Video”.
  3. Under this, you’d see a number of choices that allow you to choose quality and information limitation. The newest iPhone models have already been fitted with increased choices so users can feel the most readily useful movie size that matches their requirements. 

More frequently than maybe not, this method just helps you to resolve a little element of a huge issue. Movie sizes may nevertheless pose problems, when this occurs, users are kept because of the choice of a third-party app. That is mostly because iPhones lack the choice to help you compress videos but just movie sizes. 

One of the very most sought-after apps for video compression is known as “Video Compress”. This application is user-friendly and is sold with ease of procedure. It enables you to compress videos and never have to be worried about losing the grade of your movie. Let’s consider exactly how to utilize this phenomenal application for movie compression. 

Using movie Compress to lessen movie Sizes in iPhone

The “Video Compress” application provides iPhone users the choice of reducing video sizes and ensuring available storage space. Having its numerous functions, users will enjoy having their videos compressed with general simplicity. The application may be used by after the explanations that follow. 

  1. Download the “Video Compress” app from the App shop. It is extremely simple to find. 
  2. After installing the application, run it and touch “Settings” in order to choose the file type that you might desire to export. 
  3. Go back again to the main menu on the application and faucet regarding the “Orange” icon in the exact middle of the display screen. 
  4. Your list of videos will show up under the big package in smaller bins. Select the movie you need to modify and touch the “Mark” icon regarding the top right part associated with the display screen. You’ll select only one video at once or mark multiple
  5. Your video will be completely displayed regarding the display screen with a slider underneath. To alter the quality, you’ll slip appropriate and left. The left decreases size, and also the right enhance the exact same. 

After doing the above mentioned, you’ll strike the Save choice to start compression, and it’ll be conserved towards the digital camera roll. Then, it’s simple to share the movie without the issue. 

These will be the simple steps to utilize the “Video Compress” application in your iPhone. 


Your smartphone is an instrument enabling one to capture gorgeous memories in videos and photos. But the majority times, our company is comfortable shooting the greatest moments with videos. 

Video compression isn’t a simple thing to have done. Therefore, you must know the types of tricks to use. Whilst it is burdensome for some, it could be easy by after the actions explained above. Therefore, whenever you next capture among the better moments of life that matter many to you, there’s always room enough to keep such. 

With the device setting and app use, you will be certain to compress videos into sizes which can be provided effortlessly with family and friends. It’s a method to have the best from your videos without losing the standard. It is critical to observe that your movie compression can only just be completely done utilising the detailed techniques. 

Frequently expected concerns

Can I compress big files on my iPhone?

Using your iPhone means you’ve got a fantastic quality for videos and photos. As you might be able to adjust quality, you will need an app to compress videos into sizes.

Which application may I used to compress videos on my iPhone?

There are many apps regarding the App shop which you can use to compress videos. You can install the one that matches your preferences. And they’re rather easy to utilize. 

Will my video clip remain great after compressing it?

Absolutely! Compressing your movie to smaller means, you’re reducing some extra components. But you’ll nevertheless wthhold the high quality of videos recorded. 

How many videos may I compress simultaneously?

Any application would inform you how many videos which can be compressed. Some apps additionally provide premium choices for more pleasurable. You’ll be able to select a default environment for all you videos in the installed application. 

Will the length of my movie be reduced after compression?

No. Compression will maybe not lower your movie size. Only a little area of the quality may or might not be impacted, nevertheless the size will stay unchanged. 

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