How To Connect a Bluetooth Keyboard to a Mac

  1. Step # 1: Enabling Bluetooth on Mac
  2. Step number 2: Enabling Bluetooth regarding the Keyboard
  3. Step number 3: Connecting Bluetooth
  4. Conclusion
  5. Frequently expected concerns

Step # 1: Enabling Bluetooth on Mac

Every Mac computer (released last year or later) is sold with Bluetooth technology. The strategy of allowing and accessing Bluetooth differs appropriately because of the macOS version, but we’ll deliver the absolute most generic directions.

here’s how you are able to allow Bluetooth in your Mac.

  1. Turn in your Mac and available the Apple Menu through the top-down club. 
    System Preferences
  2. Select “System Choices” > “Bluetooth“.
    System Preferences window
  3. Click “Turn Bluetooth On“.

Once the aforementioned actions are done, your unit are quite ready to hook up to products supporting Bluetooth connectivity. 


The Bluetooth technology implemented in Mac is more seamless and faster compared to Windows. Consequently, all of the connection procedures need no extra actions.

Step number 2: Enabling Bluetooth regarding the Keyboard

Once your Mac is Bluetooth-enabled, it is the right time to stimulate Bluetooth in your keyboard. Doing this differs regarding the unit kind and model; your keyboard could even have pre-activated Bluetooth

right here may be the typical procedure of allowing Bluetooth on a radio keyboard.

  1. Ensure your keyboard has power for the pairing procedure.
  2. Locate the pairing button in your keyboard; it often has a Bluetooth logo design engraved/printed. If you’re unable to locate it, press the power button rather.
    Keyboard commands

Your unit can give a sign when it’s prepared for pairing. This is often a beep, blink, or just a light toggle, according to your keyboard. Another good way of distinguishing that is by checking it through the Bluetooth menu on your own Mac. 

Step number 3: Connecting Bluetooth

Now, you will need to set the keyboard together with your MacBook. Here’s how you are able to link the Bluetooth-enabled products.

  1. check out the Bluetooth menu on your own Mac to check out the keyboard unit. By standard, the title may be the model quantity associated with unit. If You Fail To get the gadget, try linking to every available unit before you find the proper one.
    Bluetooth pairing
  2. Once these devices is found, hover onto it and click “Connect“.

After that, your Mac will endeavour to start an association effort because of the cordless keyboard. If effective, it’s possible to make use of the cordless keyboard with no extra actions. In case there is failure, repeat the procedure. 


Ensure your keyboard is not linked to other products before starting an association effort. The Bluetooth keyboard will perhaps not enter pairing mode if it is currently connected.


Connecting a Bluetooth keyboard to a Mac is pretty easy. But, you nonetheless still need to check out the mentioned steps to accomplish it effectively. You merely need certainly to allow Bluetooth mode on both products and start a pairing effort.

Frequently Expected Questions

Will any Bluetooth keyboard make use of Mac?

Yes, any keyboard will continue to work so long as it supports Bluetooth connectivity since the technology may be the standard across products.

Do non-Apple cordless keyboards cause dilemmas on Mac?

No. In the event that keyboard supports Bluetooth connectivity, it won’t cause any issues.

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