How To Connect a Mouse to a Chromebook

Chromebooks aren’t much distinctive from laptop computers, but individuals nevertheless often get confused on how to link a mouse in their mind. While a wired mouse could be linked effortlessly, you’ll want to follow some additional actions for connecting an invisible mouse.

Quick Answer

To connect an invisible mouse to your Chromebook, you’ll want to turn on the Bluetooth on your own unit. Then, it is possible to click the mouse’s title for connecting it. For an RF mouse, you will have to

plug the receiver

into a USB slot.Mice are presented in various sizes and shapes. Many of them are wired, while some are cordless. For connecting a wired mouse to a Chromebook, you need to connect it in to the USB slot and nothing else. In this guide, we’ll explore linking a mouse to a Chromebook in order to abandon the touchpad once and for all.

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