How To Connect AirPods to Hisense TV

  1. Connecting AirPods to Hisense TV
    • For Smart Hisense television
    • For Non-Smart Hisense television
  2. Troubleshooting AirPods Not linking to a television
  3. Summary

Connecting AirPods to Hisense TV

The actions for connecting AirPods to a Hisense television aren’t any not the same as the actions to get in touch any Bluetooth device to your television. 

For Smart Hisense television

If you’ve got a good Hisense TV, right here’s what you ought to do:  

  1. Switch in your Hisense television, grab the more, and press the “Home” button. 
  2. Go to “Settings.” This is the apparatus symbol at the top of one’s display screen. 
  3. From the menu that presents up, drop to “Remote control & add-ons.” Press “OK” in your remote to start it. 
  4. Go to “Add an accessory” and press “OK” regarding the remote. It’s going to redirect you to definitely a screen that claims, “Searching for add-ons.”
  5. Now, grab your AirPods and start the address. You’ll see a green light blinking regarding the situation. Just be sure that both the earpieces are safe in case.
  6. On the rear of the AirPods instance, there’s a button for syncing and pairing products. Press that key for approximately 3 moments, and a white light will quickly blink regarding the situation. It indicates that the AirPods are quite ready to pair.
  7. Now, wait while your TV detects your AirPods. Normally it takes as much as 10 moments. In the event that television continues to find even with ten seconds, press the back button in your remote, and choose “Add an accessory” once more. 
  8. Once the TV detects the AirPods, you will need to click them to set them up.
  9. You will likely then see a Bluetooth pairing request from AirPods regarding the television and two choices: “Pair and “Cancel.” 
  10. Press “OK on “Pair.” You’ll then see “Paired” written below your AirPods. 
  11. You are now able to make use of your AirPods to view your preferred television show!

For Non-Smart Hisense television

If you don’t have an intelligent television, you are able to nevertheless connect your AirPods to it utilizing a Bluetooth transmitter. You will find a good amount of choices online, and you will purchase anyone who fits your financial allowance. 

Once you’ve got a transmitter, right here’s what you ought to do:

  1. Find the sound jack of one’s television. It’ll likely be there during the straight back. When you believe it is, link your transmitter.
  2. Next, place the transmitter in transmitter mode. The best way to repeat this varies from model to model, so it’s best to reference an individual manual or look it online.  
  3. Once these devices is preparing to set, grab your AirPods and press and contain the switch at the rear of the way it is. 
  4. Double press the transmitter’s power key to get in touch when you see a white light blinking regarding the situation.
  5. You should now manage to make use of your AirPods together with your television.

Troubleshooting AirPods Not linking to a TV

In some situations, your AirPods might don’t link even though you follow most of the right actions. This might be as a result of some reasons. As an example, your situation and AirPods aren’t charged, or the AirPods can be found in the event.

The AirPods may additionally don’t link if they’re currently paired to a different unit, therefore ensure that you unpair them.


You now understand how to link your Apple AirPods to Hisense TV. It’s simple and certainly will barely simply take too much effort. When they don’t link the very first time, don’t worry. Test it once again, and you’ll have the ability to link them precisely.

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