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Beats headphones or earbuds are famed for his or her exceptional quality of sound, making them a well known option among numerous iPhone users. You’ll connect Beats wireless via Bluetooth in the event that you’ve made a decision to abandon wired connections. Happily, it is simple to connect your Beats to your iPhone without breaking a sweat. 

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But if you’re confused about linking the Beats cordless headphones to your iPhone, here you will find the actions you will need to follow. 

1) turn on the Beats earbuds or headphones by pushing and keeping the ability key. 
2) Launch the Settings software in your iPhone. 
3) click Bluetooth and make sure the toggle is started up. 
4) With your iPhone’s Bluetooth enabled, your Beats will show into the My Devices or other devices part. 
5) Tap in the Beats Wireless through the range of devices. 
6) Select your iPhone, and also this will set it together with your Beats. 

As you can observe, linking the Beats to your iPhone is easy. However if you nevertheless want an in-depth step-to-step guide to check out, read on this insightful post.

  1. Connecting Beats Wireless Headphones to Your iPhone
  2. Connecting to Bluetooth Issues
    • Ensure Your Beats Are Charged
    • Set Your Beats in Pairing Mode
    • Place Your Beats nearer to Your iPhone
    • Reset Your Beats
  3. Summary 

Connecting Beats Wireless Headphones to Your iPhone

The actions for connecting your Beats cordless headphones to your iPhone aren’t complicated. But before all of this, you must first make sure your device is discoverable. From then on, you are able to follow these basic steps. 

  1. Turn on your Beats headphones by pushing the “Power” key. 
  2. Go to “Settings” in your iPhone. 
  3. Click on “Bluetooth” and permit it
  4. With Bluetooth now enabled, you’ll see your “Beats” headphones under “My products or other gadgets” part. 
  5. Select “Beats Wireless” through the range of alternatives. 
  6. Once paired, Beats and iPhone will now link. 

After your iPhone and Beats are linked, you are able to seamlessly enjoy hearing whatever content you need. 

Connecting to Bluetooth Issues

Sometimes, your Beats won’t display in the Bluetooth list for combining together with your iPhone. There are lots of factors why this could end up being the instance, and listed below are actions you can take to troubleshoot this issue. 

Ensure Your Beats Are Charged

If you’re making use of cordless Beats, it is vital that you guarantee they’re charged all the time. This will be vital because Beats, if exhausted of fee, won’t look in the range of available Bluetooth gadgets. If the Beats still don’t get connected, take to these other troubleshooting techniques.  

Set Your Beats in Pairing Mode

Your Beats won’t be visible in your iPhone until you set them to Pairing Mode. This can be done by pushing and holding the energy key in your Beats earbuds or headphones before the light fades inside and out or even for around five moments. Consequently, the Beats will now maintain Pairing Mode and may be noticeable from your own iPhone. 

Place Your Beats nearer to Your iPhone

The connection in the middle of your iPhone and Beats headphones or earbuds can just only be founded in the event that distance among them doesn’t surpass 30 foot in Bluetooth range. Consequently, you need to make sure not to ever spot both of these products perhaps not too far aside from one another. 

Reset Your Beats

After trying each one of these techniques above and your Beats still don’t show up on the Bluetooth list, your latter ought to be to reset all its connections.

  • When resetting wired earbuds such as for instance the Powerbeats, Powerbeats 2, Powerbeats 3, and BeatsX, simply click and keep the “Volume down” and “Power” buttons for around 10 moments. 
  • For your Solo professional, Studio 3 cordless, Solo cordless, and Solo 3 cordless headphones, you need to click and keep the “Volume down” button and “Power” button for about 10 moments unless you start to see the “Fuel Gauge” or Light-emitting Diode flashes. 
  • To reset cordless earbuds such as for instance Powerbeats Pro, spot both the earbuds in an incident and press the “System” button and soon you see LED light flashes of white or red or even for about 15 moments. This light could keep on blinking white, that is a great indicator now you can set your earbuds to your iPhone. 
  • You should click and keep the “Power” button for about 10 seconds whenever resetting Solo2 Wireless, Studio Wireless, and Studio. A white flash will be in the “Fuel Gauge” LEDs; later on, one Light-emitting Diode will blink red. Whenever this repeats it self 3 x, your headphones need been reset. 


There’s no better option to tune in to sound in your iPhone that utilizing the Beats wireless headphones. But before you decide to can begin enjoying just what the Beats cordless headphones provide, you need for connecting them to your iPhone. What this means is going right on through a manual pairing procedure the very first time, and also this connection may happen immediately in the foreseeable future. 

If you have got no concept how exactly to wirelessly link your Beats headphones or earbuds to your iPhone, this guide has detailed all you need to understand. With this specific knowledge, you are able to link your Beats wirelessly without the hassle. Consequently, you are able to take pleasure in the superb experience both of these Apple items offer. 

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