How To Connect Canon Printer to Computer

  1. Connecting a Canon Printer to a Computer
    • Step # 1: link the Two Devices
      • Using a USB Cable
      • Using Wi-Fi 
      • Using a wired network
    • Step no. 2: Install the Printer Driver
  2. Summary

Connecting a Canon Printer to some type of computer

There are a couple of simple steps for connecting your printer to a pc. Observe that some settings might differ with regards to the printer model you have got. Right here we go!

Step # 1: link the 2 Devices

You can link your printer to your pc in 3 ways. Let’s check them at length.

Using a USB Cable

A USB connection is a perfect option in the event that you anticipate printing only using your pc. This process straight links your pc and it is totally hassle-free. Take a USB cable and plug one end into the computer’s USB slot together with other to the printer’s USB slot. 

Next, plug within the printer and switch it on. From then on, you’ll want to install the motorist in order to make use of it, which we’ll reach in only a little. 

Using Wi-Fi 

If you have got a radio printer, it is possible to link it to your pc making use of Wi-Fi. We similar to this technique probably the most since you may use your Canon printer to printing inbound papers or photos from any device that’s on a single Wi-Fi, including cellphones!  

Here’s what you should do because of this technique:

  1. Switch regarding the printer.
  2. On the control interface of one’s printer, head to “Menu” > “Network Settings” then “Wireless LAN.
  3. Press “OK.” Select your Wi-Fi and place within the password. Make certain both your pc and printer take equivalent system.  
  4. That’s it! You’ll need certainly to install the motorist now. 


The steps for connecting to Wi-Fi may vary from model to model. Be sure you undergo your printer’s manual to learn just how to link it to your internet wirelessly.

Using a wired system

The upside of utilizing a wired connection is the fact that numerous products on a single wired system can make use of the printer, but you’ll have actually to make use of an Ethernet cable for this. 

To connect your printer via a wired community (throughout your router), right here’s what you should do:

  1. Take an Ethernet cable and connect one end to your router as well as the other someone to your printer.
  2. Switch regarding the printer.
  3. On the control interface, head to “Menu” > “Network Settings,” and then “Wired LAN.” Once again, understand that this may vary from model to model, so make reference to the consumer manual first. 
  4. Now you’ll only need to install the motorist on your desktop. 

Step no. 2: Install the Printer Driver

To verify the 2 products can communicate, you’ll want to install (and upgrade) a driver for the printer. 

If your pc can identify the printer, you’ll be able to see some on-screen guidelines for setting up the motorist. 

If you don’t, you’ll have to set up it manually. With this, there are two main methods – you should use the installation disk that is included with the printer, or perhaps you find the motorist on Canon’s formal help website. 

For the second, here’s a quick rundown of what you should do:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for the model.
  3. Navigate to your “Drivers & Downloads” part. Choose your OS, and click “Next on the motorist you intend to install.
  4. Click on “Download.”
  5. Once it is done, start the file and proceed with the setup wizard. Pick The suitable technique you accustomed link your printer and then click on “Next.”
  6. Once you make your path through most of the actions, you’ll be able to utilize your printer. 


Now you realize just how to connect your Canon printer to your pc, and you may do so via USB, Wi-Fi, or wired connection. Each one of these practices would work for a new function, so be sure you select the right choice! 

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