How To Connect Canon Printer to iPhone

Canon Printer

Connecting Canon Printer to iPhone

Step # 1: verify Your iOS Version

Step number 2: Install Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY

  1. Step # 3: link the App towards the mobile and also the Printer
    • Connecting iPad With Canon Printer
    • Printing With Airprint Without Installing Any computer software
    • Conclusion
  2. Frequently expected concerns
  3. Connecting Canon Printer to iPhone
  4. Here’s how it is possible to connect your Canon printer to your iPhone.
  5. Step number 1: verify Your iOS Version

Not all iOS variations can perhaps work with SELPHY, to help you verify your iOS variation in your settings to check out if an update can be obtained. You’ll find your pc software variation in the regarding page in Settings.

Step number 2: Install Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY

After confirming that the computer software is suitable for the program, go right to the App Store and download the app.

Launch the

App Store


  1. Click in the Search icon.
  2. Type Canon PRINT Inkjet/ SELPHY within the search package
  3. Install and launch
  4. the app.Step # 3: link the App to the Phone therefore the PrinterAfter setting up the application, you need to prepare the device for the connection and link it towards the printer.Set up the App

– when you introduce the application, follow some tips. Study carefully and perform the guidelines offered.

Put on your own Wi-Fi connection

  1. – Your Wi-Fi is vital because no connection is built to the printer without one. Make sure your phone just isn’t on airplane mode.Register the printer in your Phone
  2. – To create the web link betwixt your phone additionally the printer, you need to register the printer first. A choice will appear to get in touch the printer to your phone via Wi-Fi. Choose the proper option to make sure you should be able to print using the Airprint feature.Connect to Canon
  3. printer – After you have got enabled the feature which allows one to connect with a printer, now you can connect with the Canon printer. Go directly to the Wi-Fi choice in the printer and choose the phone’s available Wi-Fi. Then, input the password.
  4. After effectively linking it, it is possible to select files and begin printing. Connecting iPad With Canon PrinterConnecting the iPad to a Canon printer has comparable steps to linking other Apple products towards the Canon Printer. But make certain you have actually a Canon printer that supports AirPrint.


the Canon print Inkjet app.

Install and launch

  1. the app.Turn on Wi-Fi
  2. on both devices.Set up the printer.
  3. Register the printer in the iPad.Connect the iPad towards the printer.
  4. Enter password
  5. where necessary and ensure connection.
  6. Print
  7. your document.Printing With Airprint Without Installing Any computer software
  8. Airprint enables you to print with an invisible connection without getting any outside application. But this is certainly just permitted on products most abundant in updated iOS version(all iPads, third generation or later on iPods, 3GS, or subsequent iPhones).Connect the product and printer

with a Wi-Fi connection.

Get on using the procedure and

  1. select the documents you wish to print in the unit. The printing choices is plumped for straight in apps like website pages, e-mail, pictures, and documents.
  2. Choose print.
  3. When you choose the print choice, the pop-out menu will support the specification choices you need; the amount of copies, duplex publishing, range, additionally the loves.
  4. Choose your specifications and printing.Conclusion
  5. The a very important factor necessary in linking your Apple products to your Canon printer can be your Wi-fi; that’s not to express other apps aren’t helpful. But minus the cordless connection via Wi-Fi, absolutely nothing can be achieved.Install the mandatory application, wear Wi-Fi for both products, link the devices, set the required requirements, and printing your document. It could appear tiresome in the beginning, however you will obtain the hang from it and take action quickly before long.

Frequently Expected concerns

What could I do if my iPhone doesn’t connect with the printer?

Your iPhone is meant to get in touch towards the printer straight away in the event that you did the best thing. When you are experiencing a delay or non-connection, decide to try these.

1) Verify when you have set up whatever you need to;

Wi-Fi on, AIrplane mode Off,

and the loves.

2) Restart your phone; when you have put all of the necessary things set up plus it nevertheless doesn’t link. Pull the plug on your phone for a couple moments, then restart it. It is possible to perform some exact same towards the printer.3) Improve your products towards the latest variation: In the event that apps included aren’t updated, it could pose an issue. Improve your devices’ pc software to your latest variation and upgrade the apps most abundant in present variation. The printer’s pc software can be updated.4) Forward a complaint: In the event that issue continues later, contact the Apple help group to allow them understand the problem you might be dealing with.
What could I do in the event that document doesn’t printed?
If the products link, yet you don’t see any indication associated with document being printed, decide to try the next:
1) Restart the printer.

2) Concur that your phone additionally the printer are linked to one another and never other products.

3) Verify to see in the event that printer has ink and paper.

4) Check out the printer’s screen to see in the event that you got any mistake communications.
How could I delete a print work?
1) Open the printer application on your own unit and cancel it, or always check from the products you will no longer wish to print.
2) Cancel it in the printer screen.

Connecting an iPhone with every other unit is an activity that proves difficult because of the protective pc software set up inside it. You ought not need to be stuck as you wish to print a file with a Canon Printer from your own iPhone.
You are now able to connect your Canon printer to an iPhone through the use of an invisible connection, either an inbuilt environment or an external application. This guide will walk you through just how to connect your Canon printer to your iPhone with ease.

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