How To Connect GoPro to Your Computer

  1. Method # 1: Connect GoPro utilizing A Micro USB Cable
  2. Method number 2: Connect GoPro utilizing An SD Card
  3. Method # 3: Connect GoPro Via WiFi
  4. Troubleshooting
  5. Conclusion
  6. Frequently expected Questions

Method # 1: Connect GoPro utilizing A Micro USB Cable

A micro USB cable is the greatest method to link GoPro to your personal computer since it minimizes information loss and guarantees the quickest rate. 

Here’s exactly how it is possible to link your GoPro utilizing a micro USB cable:

  1. Turn in your GoPro by pushing the “Power” button over the top and wait until a red Light-emitting Diode indicator turns on.
  2. Locate the “USB” port on your own GoPro. In many models, it’s situated on a single part. 
  3. Connect one end associated with the USB cable on your own GoPro plus one end to your personal computer. 
    If your GoPro recognizes your USB connection, it will carry on USB mode. Symbolic will be in your GoPro’s screen.
  4. Go to “This PC” in Windows, locate your GoPro within the available drive, and available it. 
  5. In Mac OS, press the “Camera” icon that may show up on the display.
    For Hero 7 and earlier in the day types of GoPro, fast for Windows and Mac will open.

Method # 2: Connect GoPro utilizing An SD Card

An sdcard enables you to keep more files by eliminating and placing one. Because of this, it is possible to carry on taking breathtaking moments. 


Not every digital camera contains a supplementary storage space slot, therefore if your digital camera does not contain it, utilize a USB cable to get in touch.

  1. After taking pictures and videos, eject the “SD” card from your own GoPro.
  2. Connect an adapter or “SD” card audience to your personal computer. 
  3. Now place your “SD” card to the adapter or card audience. 
  4. If your personal computer effectively reads your “SD” card, it’ll appear as a drive on Windows. 
  5. In Mac, an “Image” icon will be regarding the display. 
  6. You can access the GoPro files regarding the brand new drive.

Method no. 3: Connect GoPro Via WiFi

It is way better to possess a USB cable to get in touch your GoPro or an SD card audience. But imagine if you don’t have both real mediums?

How is it possible to link your GoPro via WiFi?

GoPro is with the capacity of producing WiFi hotspots to get in touch with outside products. It is possible to take control of your GoPro, import news, and stream real time content.

Here’s ways to use the “Keenai” software in order to connect your GoPro to your personal computer:

  1. First, download the “Keenai” app
  2. After introducing the application, subscribe and create a fresh account.
  3. Now log on to this new account. 
  4. Go to your menu, and push on the choice “WiFi device/card”
  5. Now, choose “GoPro” underneath the maker industry.
  6. Choose a “GoPro Network Connection” and insert your “WPA2” passcode
  7. Now, it is possible to elect to hook up to setup a WiFi digital camera for windows. 

By achieving this, your GoPro can move files to your personal computer. 


You may encounter dilemmas if you’re attempting to connect your GoPro to your personal computer. For transferring and utilizing those captured candid moments, you’ll need certainly to resolve that issue. 

Follow this guide to resolve any universal problem whenever coping with a GoPro:

  1. First of most, make sure you have set up the right USB environment. Find the “Preferences” choice and select the “USB connection” choice. In this program, select “MTP” in the event you wish to move files. 
  2. Restart your GoPro by switching it don and doff again. 
  3. Check all of your connections because you can have a loose connection on a single end.
  4. Inspect your USB cable by changing it. You might be utilizing a faulty one. 
  5. See if your USB ports will work by attempting a different one. 
  6. If none among these practices worked, decide to try to restart your digital camera and computer.


These are techniques to establish a link between your personal computer and GoPro. Nevertheless the simplest way to get in touch your GoPro is utilizing a USB cable. 

Still, it is possible to take advantage of utilizing an external sdcard or good WiFi connection. Therefore simply take good quality images and share these with your family. 

Frequently expected concerns

how come my GoPro perhaps not linking with my computer?

If your personal computer cannot establish the text between GoPro, decide to try various troubleshooting solutions to make it work well. 

How do we link my GoPro to my computer wirelessly?

The Keenai software can connect your GoPro to your pc wirelessly. 

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