How To Connect iPhone to a Philips Smart TV

Having everything required in your phone just isn’t sufficient any longer. Now, individuals wish to have it on a more impressive display screen without going right on through a great deal anxiety. And also this was permitted aided by the iPhone mirroring choice that may assist TVs.

This solution just isn’t restricted to offline solutions, as you are able to stream videos, music, and apps become mirrored regarding the Philips Smart television. By the end with this article, you will be aware just how to link your iPhone to a Philips television with or without information or a cable.

Dining table of articles

  1. Connecting Your iPhone to Your Philips television
    • Method # 1: Connect Wirelessly Using Airplay
      • Step # 1: Connect Your iPhone and Philips television towards the Same Wi-Fi Network
      • Step number 2: Open Your Screen Mirroring
      • Step # 3: hook up to the Philips television
    • Method # 2: relate with an HDMI Adapter and a Cable
      • Step # 1: Get an HDMI Adapter and an iPhone Cable
      • Step number 2: link Your Phone towards the television
      • Step # 3: Enable Screen Sharing
    • Method # 3: making use of a Third-Party App
      • LetsView
      • MirrorMeister
      • ApowerMirror
  2. Conclusion
  3. Frequently expected concerns

Connecting Your iPhone to Your Philips television

Here’s just how it is possible to link your iPhone to your Philips television.

Method # 1: Connect Wirelessly utilizing Airplay

Airplay may be the function that enables you to definitely share videos, photos, tracks, apps, along with other tasks from an Apple unit to a different acceptable unit. Philips television permits the function; consequently, you need to use the airplay function to reflect your iPhone tasks.

Step # 1: link Your iPhone and Philips television towards the Same Wi-Fi system

Airplay requires you to definitely link your Apple unit and Airplay appropriate television towards the exact same Wi-Fi system. Therefore, makes it the exact same community; else, you will see no display sharing.

Step # 2: start Your Screen Mirroring

Your screen mirroring symbol is in Settings, however it has a shortcut within the control center. Along with your control center is either at the end of the display screen or the top of right part, based on your phone.

Go to your phone’s control center and then click regarding the display screen mirroring symbol.

Step # 3: hook up to the Philips television

once you placed on your display screen mirroring, it’s going to bring choices of appropriate products, and you’re to click in your Philips television.

After choosing your Philips television, your iPhone display should currently be mirrored in your television display screen, provided you stick to the actions faithfully.


When you might be planning to connect with your television, you are expected for a PIN so that you can enter on your own iPhone. The PIN can look in your television; input it to ensure the bond.

Method # 2: relate with an HDMI Adapter and a Cable

If you’ve got issues linking wirelessly, it is possible to share your display screen making use of an adapter and an iPhone cable.

Step # 1: Get an HDMI Adapter and an iPhone Cable

You need an adapter because you cannot link an iPhone right to your television. In the end, the iPhone won’t have a port for this. However the television has an HDMI slot; all you’ve got doing is link your iPhone cable towards the HDMI adapter and connect with your iPhone.

Step # 2: link Your Phone towards the television

After linking the HDMI adapter to your phone, connect it to your television. You will observe the HDMI port labeled; input the finish of this adapter that fits in.


If the HDMI slot regarding the television is multiple, it’ll be labeled. You’ll select HDMI supply aided by the television remote.

Step # 3: allow Screen Sharing

After linking the device towards the television aided by the HDMI adapter, it is possible to enable display sharing together with your handy remote control.

  1. Press the input switch in your handy remote control.
  2. Then through the list supplied, select the slot or supply you utilized.

Afterward, you need to be in a position to share your display screen and notice regarding the television.

Method number 3: Using a Third-Party App

Third-party apps are mainly utilized for Airplay incompatible products. Therefore if your Philips Smart television will not help Airplay, you need to use third-party apps to talk about your display screen. A few of the recommended third-party apps are stated below.


LetsView is a screen mirroring application that actually works on Android and iOS devices. You should use it to talk about your iPhone display together with your Philips television. To display screen share;

  1. Download the LetsView App within the Appstore.
  2. Launch the app in your phone and television.
  3. Connect your phone as well as the television to the exact same Wi-Fi network.
  4. Put on screen mirroring within the control center.
  5. Then, select your TV’s name in order to connect them.


MirrorMeister is a commonly utilized display screen mirroring application that supports various television models, including Philips television (2012 and more recent), Android television, and Roku television. Additionally has a straightforward procedure to talk about your iPhone display together with your Philips TV.

  1. Download and launch your MirrorMeister app.
  2. Connect your iPhone and Philips television towards the exact same community to help you to obtain the TV.
  3. On the application, click look for TVs.
  4. Choose Philips television once it brings the choices.
  5. Then, choose Start mirroring.
  6. As quickly when you are willing to get display screen provided, click Start broadcast.


ApowerMirror application is a wonderful display screen mirroring application with an extra advantage; it doesn’t reduce or compromise movie quality when you share your display screen. Plus it is useful on iPhone and Philips Smart television.

The just huge difference off their apps is the fact that ApowerMirror application will not make use of a radio connection; you will need to link making use of an HDMI adapter and a cable.

  1. Download and launch the Apowermirror on your phone.
  2. Connect your HDMI adapter to your iPhone and TV.
  3. Press Input on your handy remote control and select HDMI as the supply.
  4. On the app, select Mirror and link the TV.
  5. On your phone, choose Screen Mirroring and connect your Philips television once more.


With all of the choices provided, you’ll be able to talk about your display screen in the event that you proceed with the actions. In the event that you encounter any issues, refresh your products and take to once again. In the event that issue persists, contact the Apple help center.

Frequently Expected concerns

Do I require my Bluetooth for Screen Mirroring?

Even though it’s a radio connection, there is no need your Bluetooth connection. All that’s necessary can be your Wi-Fi connection.

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