How To Connect iPhone to Vizio TV

Ways you are able to link Your iPhone to Your Vizio TV

Connecting With Airplay

Using the Vizio SmartCast Cellphone App

Using a Digital Adapter

  1. Using Third-Party Apps
    • LetsView
    • ApowerMirror
    • Conclusion
    • Frequently expected concerns
      • Ways you’ll link Your iPhone to Your Vizio TV
      • Connecting With Airplay
  2. Airplay may be the built-in function supplied by Apple for this reason. It really works not just for Vizio television also for other products that enable this particular feature.
  3. Go towards the

Home Screen

on your own Vizio TV

By the top of right part, you will notice

  1. Extras; choose it.Then, choose the
  2. Apple Airplay choice and then click onto it.You can link your iPhone to your Vizio Smart television via Wi-Fi.
  3. Select Screen Mirroring and select your television into the choices on your own phone. It’ll link your television to your iPhone Screen.
  4. Note
  5. The display screen mirroring symbol is normally in your control center (which you yourself can access by swiping up or down, based on your iPhone’s spec). However if that you do not believe it is here, you could add it towards the control center in your Settings.Using the Vizio SmartCast Cellphone AppIf you might be utilizing a Vizio Smart television, it is strongly recommended you will get this software rather than counting on just the display screen mirroring function on your own phone. Vizio SmartCast App provides more complex features than display screen mirroring does.

Go to the

App Store

and down load

Vizio SmartCast App

  1. .After you’ve got set up it, launch it and begin procedure.Click regarding the unit you intend to connect with.
  2. It will demand a PIN code exhibited on your own smart television.
  3. Input it and guarantee both products are linked.
  4. You are able to show your display screen in your TV.Using a Digital Adapteronce you have a Vizio Smart television, you’ll be offered an electronic digital adapter alongside. The electronic adapter will behave as the type of connection involving the iPhone while the Vizio Smart television (
  5. it additionally works together with Android os products
  6. ).

Connect the lightning electronic AV Cable to your phone.

Then link it along with your television utilizing an HDMI cable.If it really is well linked, you’ll have your display screen mirrored on your own television display screen.Using Third-Party Apps

  1. A few third-party apps assist you to reflect your screen to your Smart TV. They are two typical display screen mirroring apps.
  2. LetsView
  3. A display screen mirroring software enables top-notch mirroring from your own phone towards the television display screen. It’s an easy-to-use program, also it supports smooth performance.


Lets View

in your App Store.


  1. launching it, it’s going to show a PIN or QR code to scan. Input
  2. the PIN, or scan the QR code to get into and link your phone towards the television display screen.You are now able to show your video clip or sound on your own display screen.ApowerMirrorIt executes comparable functions towards the Let’s View software. Nonetheless it has more complex features like HD movie show, picture browsing, movie streaming, viewing films, and winning contests.Download
  3. ApowerMirror

in the App Store.


  1. the app. Select the Screen Mirror Option
  2. on your own phone, then select Vizio television
  3. in your options exhibited.You has your display screen exhibited on your own television.ConclusionConnecting your iPhone to your television should not any longer be a concern because you have actually different choices to pick from. If one can not work well or help an attribute you’ll need, you need to use another choice till you might be content with your television display.Frequently Expected concerns
  4. how come my Airplay maybe not working together with my Vizio television?

Considering the straightforward procedure included, you ought not be having a challenge linking your iPhone to your Vizio television. In the event that you switch on your Airplay also it will not recognize or show


television among the choices, take to the next choices.


Update your iPhone’s running system: Your working system may be too outdated to do business with this particular feature.2)

Update your Vizio television: The issue may also result from outdated television. Search for updates into the system settings; upgrade if you need to.My Airplay keeps coming on my display screen once I don’t require it. Exactly what do i really do?
If you regularly make use of the Airplay function, it begins linking immediately. If it keeps interrupting your alternative activities regarding the display screen, pull the plug on your Apple Airplay on your own television.1) Press Home

on your TV handheld remote control.

2) Head to

Extras > Apple Airplay.3) Turn fully off the Apple Airplay.Once you turn fully off the Airplay, it will be possible to utilize your television with no disruption. Of course you intend to make use of the function once again after then, you are able to retrace your actions and switch it right back on.
Why is my Vizio television maybe not mirroring my iPhone display?If you’ve got linked your system as well as your display screen continues to be maybe not showing regarding the television, verify in case your products are linked to the correct connection. You can confirm which network the following actions connect with your Vizio TV
1) Go towards the house display screen, then click

the menu choice.

2) Choose

Network > Network connection > Wireless

.3) Verify that you might be linked to the proper system.
If they truly are linked to the proper system, while the issue continues, refresh it and take to once again.

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Nothing beats viewing your film on a big display screen and never have to keep the convenience of your property. It absolutely was an excellent innovation whenever Apple included the mirror function to help you to see your display screen on a larger scale.
With the Airplay function Apple included, you are able to link your iPhone to your Vizio television. You’ll show your display screen, films, and sound on your own television. The Airplay function can be acquired to all or any iDevices from iPhone 5s, iPad Mini 2, and Apple television (4th gen and 4K); a person with the unit will enjoy this particular feature.

Fortunately, the goal of this guide would be to educate you on just how to repeat this seamlessly in almost no time.

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