How To Connect PS4 to Chromebook


If you’re a gamer and make use of PS4, you are going to sooner or later face the matter associated with system screen no longer working. In these instances, it gets necessary to understand how to link it along with other shows and products to savor an uninterrupted video gaming experience.

Quick Answer

Connecting PS4 to Chromebook with an HDMI or recharging cable utilising the Remote Enjoy App is achievable. Additionally you have to set the gaming console controller through the Bluetooth choice in Chromebook.

In this write-up, there are all you need to find out about why you wish to result in the connection betwixt your PS4 and Chromebook effective. We’ll additionally reveal you step-by-step guidelines allowing you to connect the 2 products in more detail. 

  1. Why Connect PS4 to Chromebook?
  2. Connecting PS4 to Chromebook
    • Method # 1: making use of HDMI Cable
      • Step # 1: Get All Gadgets Ready
      • Step # 2: Connect HDMI Cable
      • Step # 3: Download Remote Enjoy App
      • Step number 4: link Your Controller
    • Method no. 2: making use of Charging Cable
      • Step # 1: Connect Charging Cable
      • Step # 2: Install the Remote Enjoy App
      • Step # 3: Register Yourself Manually
      • Step no. 4: Configure Resolution
      • Step no. 5: publish PS4 on Chromebook
  3. Using Remote Enjoy APK
    • Step # 1: install File Manager
    • Step no. 2: Install Remote Enjoy APK
    • Step # 3: Connect PS4 Controller
  4. what’s the PS4 Remote Enjoy App?
  5. Summary
  6. Frequently expected concerns

Why Connect PS4 to Chromebook?

There could be a few reasons that compel one to link your PlayStation 4 to a Chromebook. A few of them are:

  • You don’t have actually a monitor/LCD display screen.
  • The PS4 Screen isn’t working.
  • You wish to improve your video gaming experience with better sound and screen quality.
  • You wish to try out brand new display displays.

Connecting PS4 to Chromebook

You don’t have to be a tech enthusiast or some specialist in order for connecting PlayStation to Chromebook. Our step-to-step guide will allow you to have the whole procedure for producing a wired or cordless connection involving the two products.

So, without maintaining you waiting any further, let’s go towards the 2 solutions to link PS4 to Chromebook.

Method # 1: making use of HDMI Cable

You have to follow a couple of actions in order to connect PS4 and Chromebook utilizing an HDMI Cable.

Step # 1: Get All Gadgets prepared

The initial thing to accomplish is gather all of the equipment and solutions in order to connect both products effectively. They are a PlayStation 4, Chromebook, reliable internet connection, and a dual-functioning HDMI cable.

Step no. 2: Connect HDMI Cable

Next, link your PS4 and Chromebook utilizing the dual-functioning HDMI cable. Ensure to connect the input part associated with cable utilizing the display unit for audio/video channel accessibility.

Step # 3: Download Remote Enjoy App

Download the Remote Enjoy app on your Chromebook. Next, create your account or get on the present one.

Step no. 4: link Your Controller

To begin playing PS4 in your Chromebook screen, set the controller towards the Remote Enjoy app via Bluetooth. Turn on the “Bluetooth” choice regarding the Chromebook such that it can begin selecting the controller. Next, keep the “Share” button regarding the controller unless you see a flashing PS logo.


Ensure that both PlayStation plus the display unit are linked to similar web connection.

Method no. 2: making use of Charging Cable

You may also link the 2 products without an HDMI cable into the following way. 

Step # 1: Connect Charging Cable

Use the Chromebook recharging cable and link the two products. Additionally, ensure that both PS4 and Chromebook are linked to the exact same internet system. 

Step no. 2: Install the Remote Enjoy App

Install the Remote Enjoy app in your Chromebook from Google Enjoy Store and set the controller utilizing the software. 

Step # 3: enter your self Manually

You require a code. Head to “Settings” > “Apps” > “Remote Play” and choose “Add a device”. Once your PS4 is detected, a code can look. Place in the rule and register yourself.

Step no. 4: Configure Resolution

On the Chromebook, return to “Settings” > “Apps” and indication into the Remote Enjoy app. Later, adjust the resolution, screen, and sound settings according to your choice. 

Step # 5: publish PS4 on Chromebook

After configuring settings, you will observe a “Start” indication. Click it.

Using Remote Enjoy APK

You may use the File Manager software on Chromebook in order to connect PS4 along with it. To work on this, stick to the next actions in a sequence.  


Before continuing, link the two products with a charging or HDMI cable.

Step # 1: install File Manager

The initial thing you’re likely to do is install the File Manager app in your Chromebook from Google Enjoy Store.

Step no. 2: Install Remote Enjoy APK

Now, download the File installer APK apply for the Chromebook PS4 Remote Play and set it up through the File Manager software. The installation might take a bit much longer, so be patient.

Step # 3: Connect PS4 Controller

Next, go right to the Bluetooth Settings of your Chromebook and set the PS4 controller through File Manager. 

Now, Pair the PS4 controller towards the software via Bluetooth Settings on Chromebook for a fruitful connection.

What could be the PS4 Remote Enjoy App?

The PS4 Remote Enjoy is a helpful application for system enthusiasts. It enables users to relax and play PlayStation on any display screen via a well balanced web connection. The gamers might find their game operating on an extra display screen with a couple control codes through the app.

Moreover, you may take control of your PS4 through the connected unit, like making telephone calls utilizing the mic. You can also compose texts regarding the system after linking a keyboard. In general, it really is an incredible software for video gaming enthusiasts.


In this guide on linking PS4 to Chromebook, we’ve explored some traditional grounds for linking both products and talked about easy-to-follow actions to construct the text with no hassle. We’ve additionally discussed the 2 solutions to link the system to Chromebook and include the Remote Enjoy APK file.  

Hopefully, among the techniques in this guide struggled to obtain you, and you may now enjoy your preferred games regarding the Chromebook display screen. 

Frequently expected concerns

Is a Chromebook a Windows laptop computer?

No, Chromebook isn’t Windows. Windows isn’t suitable for it because it works together a Linux-based operating-system. Its features differ considerably from a MacBook or laptop computer. Chromebook works with with many video gaming systems. 

What games could be played on Chromebook utilizing a PS4 controller?

Several games could be played on a Chromebook utilizing PlayStation 4 controller. Included in these are Riptide GP2; Riptide GP: Renegade; contemporary fight 5; NBA Jam; Shadowgun, Borderlands 2, Call of Duty: Ebony Ops III, Fallout 4, and Rocket League.

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