How To Connect Two AirPods to One Mac

Mac with AirPod Earphones

How To link Two AirPods to One MacSummaryFrequently expected concernsHow To link Two AirPods to at least one MacThis section talks about

connecting two sets of AirPods to 1 Mac

. The function Apple developed for users to get in touch two AirPods to a tool could be the

“Share Audio”

function on your own Mac, iPhone, and iPad. This

  1. “Share Audio”
  2. function will allow you to pay attention to your news via two various AirPods or Headphones.
  3. Following the steps below, everyone can link two sets of AirPods to a Mac.


You must understand how to connect your AirPods to a Mac via Bluetooth. The method isn’t not the same as connecting your AirPods to an iPhone or iPad.Here you will find the actions to give you linked:Pair both AirPods to your Mac via Bluetooth.

Go to




  1. “Applications”.Go to “Utilities”.
  2. Open “Audio MIDI Setup”.
  3. Select “Add (+)” during the
  4. bottom associated with the display screen.Select
  5. “Create Multi-Output Device”.Check/Tick the bins next to
  6. both AirPods.Tick the “Drift Correction” field beside the
  7. second pair of AirPods.Go to
  8. “Apple Menu”.Select
  9. “System Preferences”.Go to “Sound”.
  10. Select “Multi-Output Device”.
  11. Enjoy sharing sound together with your buddy or partner.This brings us to your end of the post on connecting two sets of AirPods to 1 Mac.Summary
  12. Nothing can be reassuring as enjoying your news, like viewing films or playing music throughout your noise-canceling AirPods. Whenever you want to share your sound with someone, rather than making use of a speaker, we now have simply shown you the way to talk about your sound with two sets of AirPods.
  13. Now you understand you’ll be able to share your Mac’s sound with two pairs of AirPods simultaneously. Have some fun!Are you not clear about any help this post? Inform us into the comment below. Would you like us to create about any tech-related subject? Inform us exactly what it really is into the remark part.Frequently Expected concerns
  14. Why won’t my AirPods connect with my Mac?

If you’re dealing with some difficulties with linking your AirPods to your Mac, or perhaps you can maybe not hear any such thing once you’ve linked your AirPods to your Mac. The following advice will sort it away for you.

1) Within The

menu club, simply click “Bluetooth”


2) choose

“Turn Off Bluetooth”



Wait for some time, state 10 secs.4) Simply click “Turn On Bluetooth”.
You also can take to the actions below in the event that Bluetooth approach doesn’t work.1) Go Right To The “Apple Menu”
.2) Head To “System Choices”
.3) Choose “Bluetooth”


4) Hover on the AirPods icon.
5) Simply click “X” to
set up the AirPods again
.The actions above can help you reconnect your AirPods.Finally,
1) Place the AirPods inside their case.2) Recharge them before with them once again.Following these actions should link your AirPods to your Mac once again.

Can you connect two AirPods to 1 iPhone or iPad?

Yes, you’ll link two Airpods to 1 iPhone or iPad by doing these:

1) go right to the Home display screen on your own
iPhone or iPad


2) Start your AirPod instance.

3) Draw out your AirPods.

4) A setup screen will be.5) Touch “Connect”.6) Proceed with the guidelines into the
new screen
7) Simply Click “Done”.
8) Go right to the “Control Center” on your own
iPhone by swiping straight down through the top right corner associated with the Home
display screen.9) Touch the “AirPlay”
symbol.10) Choose “Share Audio”.11) Now, you are ready to hook up to the 2nd pair of AirPods.
12) Bring the way it is nearby the iPhone.13) A new window
will be in the display screen. Touch “Share Audio”.
Can you link three AirPods to 1 iPhone?No, Apple computer software enables you to share sound with
two sets of AirPods simultaneously
at this time. I am unable to speak about the long run. However for now, you can not share your sound with additional than two sets of AirPods.

Why would anybody wish to

share audio

with two sets of AirPods? A pal or partner could be over at your house. You both have actually settled right down to begin to see the trending movie on Netflix. You figured it’s always best to pay attention to the sound independently as you have your AirPods. You may not know very well what to complete, which means you are right here. We’ve supplied most of the responses you look for in this easy and quick post so you don’t have to invest from day to night selecting responses as opposed to having a great time.Quick AnswerThanks to your user-centered design nature of Apple. They will have managed to make it feasible to talk about your sound with two sets of AirPods or headphones for an even more improved paying attention experience. Theoretically, now you can link two sets of AirPods to your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. How can you do that? Study further.We will reveal how exactly to link two sets of AirPods to 1 Mac in this article.

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