How To Connect Wired Mouse to Laptop

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Even though laptop computer manufacturers prioritize light-weight, fast and portable devices, numerous users nevertheless choose utilizing a wired mouse to your integrated touchpad or cordless mouse. A wired mouse is much better whenever making use of a laptop to produce accurate motions like drawing or utilizing design pc software. If you’re one of these simple users and want to discover how better to link a wired mouse to a laptop, you’ve arrived at the best spot.

Quick Answer

Connecting a wired mouse to a laptop just isn’t complicated. Simply plug within the mouse’s linking cable to your laptop’s USB slot, then verify that the mouse is working. In the event that mouse is working, you might be ready to go.

For more precise guidelines on linking a wired mouse to a laptop, check this out article to your end.

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  1. Overview of linking a Wired Mouse to a Laptop
  2. Connecting a Wired Mouse to Laptop: Step-by-Step Guide
  3. Summary
  4. Frequently expected concerns

Overview of linking a Wired Mouse to a Laptop

Using an invisible mouse or an in-built touchpad may appear to be the most obvious option when working with a laptop. But, utilising the touchpad may well not often be available.

First, numerous gamers choose utilizing a wired mouse. This might be for the reason that gamers’ wired mice are tailor-made to accommodate their requirements. These are typically little, healthy completely at hand, as they are easier to maneuver quickly. The gamers wired mice also provide extra features for a greater gaming experience.

But, a wired mouse does not just gain a gamer. It really is convenient proper whom loves to run a laptop within a safe distance through the eyes. Installing and utilizing a wired mouse normally since straightforward as plug-and-play. Anybody who desires to avoid long mouse connection actions will choose utilizing a wired mouse.

Additionally, music artists and developers choose utilizing a wired mouse to produce accurate markings and draw utilizing laptop computers. Overall you can still find a few reasons why you should use a wired mouse. Next, we enter into how in order to connect a wired mouse to a laptop.

Connecting a Wired Mouse to Laptop: Step-by-Step Guide

There are a couple of typical forms of wired mice, the USB mouse, therefore the PS/2 mouse. Most up to date laptop computers make use of the USB mouse, however some older generation laptop computers may still have PS/2 ports. Proceed with the guidelines below to get in touch a wired mouse via USB:

Step #1: confirm that your particular laptop computer model works with with all the wired mouse. Despite the fact that USB mouse incompatibility is uncommon, it is nevertheless necessary to check out the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure the mouse works properly on your own laptop.

Step #2: Plug within the mouse’s USB cable end to your laptop’s matching USB slot, primarily in the laptop’s left or right-hand part.

Step #3: Restart your laptop computer in the event that wired mouse is linked. Restarting your laptop computer will reboot the machine and run and install any motorists essential for the appropriate functioning associated with mouse.

Step #4: go the mouse once or twice and verify that the cursor reacts. Ensure the cursor just isn’t dragging or stuck.

Step #5: begin using the wired mouse on your own laptop computer if all things are working.

As mentioned before, some wired mice use PS/2 ports. Typically, a laptop with PS/2 ports could have two comparable ports. The mouse’s slot is color-coded green or has a mouse symbol. Make certain you get the mouse PS/2 slot before starting the bond.

After locating the proper PS/2 slot for the mouse, stick to the actions below in order to connect:

  1. Shut down your laptop.
  2. Then, link the mouse’s cable end to your laptop’s mouse PS/2 port.
  3. Now, switch on the laptop computer and wait a matter of seconds for the laptop’s os to identify the mouse.
  4. After that, go the mouse and always check the laptop computer to see in the event that cursor reacts.
  5. Finally, in the event that cursor moves well, go with the wired mouse.


As you’ve got discovered, linking a wired mouse to a laptop should just simply take a few momemts. Don’t forget to verify that your laptop’s operating-system is useful with all the wired mouse before linking.

Luckily, many wired mice are suitable for Mac OS X and Windows platforms. 

Frequently expected Questions

What should i really do if a wired mouse doesn’t hook up to my laptop computer?

If you utilize a USB slot in order to connect the wired mouse, eliminate the mouse’s cable through the slot, then wait a few momemts to reinsert it. Make certain you insert the cable within the proper slot, then verify in the event that mouse is working by checking the cursor motions.

Can We link a wired mouse to my laptop computer without a USB?

You will require a Bluetooth adapter to convert a wired mouse to an invisible unit and steer clear of utilizing a USB slot.

How do wired mice compare with other forms of computer mice?

Wired mice are simply as dependable and convenient as other computer mice.

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