How To Connect Your Chromebook To a Monitor

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Method # 1: utilizing an HDMI Cable

Method # 2: making use of a USB C-Type Cable

Method # 3: making use of Chromecast

Method # 4: making use of Chrome Remote Desktop


Method # 1: utilizing an HDMI Cable

  1. If your Chromebook has a socket for the HDMI cable, follow these actions.
  2. Find a
  3. compatible HDMI cable
  4. .
  5. Insert one end associated with the cable to the Chromebook.

Stick the other end to the external monitor.

Go to

  1. “Settings” through the Chromebook’s taskbar
  2. if it generally does not automatically connect.
  3. On the left, select
  4. “Devices”.Skim right through to find “Displays”.
  5. Check if you have an external unit linked. NoteThere are numerous ports in the monitor. But, a Chromebook might have either USB C-type or HDMI. Often, the previous is a far more typical slot discovered compared to the latter. Hence, don’t forget to purchase a compatible cable; an HDMI, a USB C to USB C cable, or a USB C to an HDMI.
  6. Method # 2: making use of a USB C-Type CableIf your Chromebook doesn’t have an HDMI port, don’t worry. You should use this process for an instant fix. Nevertheless before we focus on the actions, ensure that you have actually these cables in the hands; a USB C, a USB C cable to an HDMI adaptor, and an HDMI cable.Stick one end associated with the USB C cable
  7. into the adaptor

plus the

other to the Chromebook


Connect one end associated with the HDMI towards the adaptor and also the other towards the outside monitor.

  1. If it generally does not immediately link, go directly to the “Settings” in your Chromebook.Go to “Devices”
  2. , then to
  3. “Displays”.Skim through record to see if you have an external unit linked.
  4. NoteIn the shows tab, you are able to alter other settings like choosing the display screen as a primary or extensive Screen. You may also adjust the standard by changing the Resolution.Method no. 3: making use of ChromecastChromecast is among the easiest & most dependable choices
  5. for mirroring your display. But, you ought to remember that your outside monitor will need to have a Chromecast integral or perhaps you can buy a Chromecast unit which will put on the monitor. 

Since lots of people choose this cordless technique, here’s a short guide;

Go to

“Google Chrome”

.Open the specified site you want to throw in the giant screen.At the

top right corner

  1. , go through the three dots.Go to “Cast”
  2. .
  3. A pop-up will start, showing a variety of available screens
  4. Tap in the desired one allow the function.This mirroring will assist you to throw one tab, a window, or your whole desktop on the monitor. Within the pop-up, it is possible to pick your desired mirroring through the
  5. “Sources” choice.To stop the mirroring;
  6. On the Bing Chrome taskbar, go through the “Cast”

icon.Now, tap in your device’s name

to disable the function.

  1. Method number 4: making use of Chrome Remote DesktopThis unusual method, while not popular, remains chosen by numerous users. The reason why that it’s unpopular is the fact that it really is time-consuming
  2. and requires two various products attached to the monitor.One may be the Chromebook, and also the other system is any unit with Bing Chrome. Once You Have brought the products on the dining table, this is what you have to do,

In the App Shop of Bing Chrome, look for

“Chrome Remote Desktop”Download the application form by tapping on “Add to Chrome”


  1. Now, press “Share My Screen” on both systems.
  2. On the Chromebook, click “+Generate Code” underneath the
  3. “Share this Screen” tab.This will create a 12-digit rule. Note it straight down.
  4. On one other system, underneath the “Connect to a different Computer” tab, simply click on “Connect”.
  5. Enter the code.
  6. Give authorization allow the function.NoteYou can alter the settings to boost your experience with Chromebook by typing this on the target club: chrome://settings/display
  7. . You’ll align the display screen towards the center, rotate the image, or expand your display to numerous displays.
  8. ConclusionWrapping up: Connecting the Chromebook is a facile task. But, this will depend upon you which technique you decide to link it. Although cordless solutions are easier in contrast, they do require WIFI. Develop which our guide helped respond to your entire concerns.

Chromebook is among the coolest devices to operate on. They may be mirrored on the outside computer to reflect your display screen. And even better, spread it down on various desktops for a more substantial workplace. What type do you like? Today, we shall discuss the previous choice; linking Chromebook to an external computer.Quick AnswerThe option would be easy, and there is certainlyn’t just one single. You will find numerous techniques to do the trick. You can test utilizing an HDMI cable, a USB C-type, Chromecast, or using the assistance of Chrome Remote Desktop.

Two are wired solutions from the four choices, although the other two are cordless. People usually do not prefer the wired choices as it occupies room in the work desk. However if you’ve got a method to encounter the tangled cables, you won’t mind any of those effortless repairs.

More in this website, we are speaking about each technique at length. In addition, we shall offer you several bonus recommendations on ways to play because of the Chromebook settings for an advanced experience. Therefore, with no further ado, let’s can get on along with it.

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