How To Copy a Playlist on Spotify With iPhone

Spotify app on iPhone

Copying a Playlist on Spotify With iPhone

Method # 1: making use of Spotify Cellphone App

Step # 1: producing a PlaylistStep # 2: choosing the PlaylistStep # 3: Including Songs to Your PlaylistMethod # 2: making use of SoundiizStep # 1: Connecting Soundizz With SpotifyStep # 2: choosing the origin & Destination AppsStep number 3: Finding Your Playlists

Method number 3: making use of SongShiftStep # 1: Downloading SongShift and Selecting SourceStep # 2: Syncing SpotifyStep # 3: establishing Up SongShiftStep # 4: selecting a PlaylistStep # 5: Finishing UpSummary

Copying a Playlist on Spotify With iPhone

Don’t know just how to duplicate a playlist on Spotify utilizing your iPhone? Our 3 step by step practices will allow you to do this with simplicity. 

  1. Method # 1: making use of Spotify mobile phone App
    • Follow the steps mentioned below for duplicating your Spotify Playlist with your iPhone utilizing the Spotify mobile app.
      • Step # 1: producing a Playlist
      • Open the
      • Spotify app
    • on your own iPhone. Tap the “
      • Your Library
      • ” tab and choose the
      • plus (+) icon
    • through the top-right part.
      • Give a proper title to your playlist and faucet “
      • Create
      • ” to create a brand new playlist successfully.
      • Step # 2: choosing the Playlist
      • Tap the “
  2. Search

” choice and enter the title associated with playlist you want to duplicate. 

Step # 3: Including Songs to Your Playlist

On the playlist you’ve exposed, faucet the

three dots

next to each track.

Select the “Add to Playlist” option and select the newest playlist you’ve got simply developed. Continue doing this procedure for all your tracks you need to duplicate.DoneYou can now effectively pay attention to all the copied tracks from your own playlist within the “Your Library” section. 

Method # 2: making use of Soundiizthis is what you must do to duplicate a playlist on Spotify along with your iPhone utilizing web apps


SoundiizStep # 1: Connecting Soundizz With Spotify

Launch Safari

on your own iPhone and go right to the Soundiiz formal website.

Tap the “Start now” button and register towards the internet application utilizing your

Apple ID

, Google ID, or

Spotify ID

.Press the “Let’s go” choice present during the center associated with display. You will likely to be taken up to a web page where you could select some of the

48 solutions

it is possible to connect with. Choose “Spotify” and tap the “Connect

” option.Step # 2: choosing the origin & Destination AppsGo back once again to your Soundiiz Main Page. You’ll see a listing of playlists available on your own Spotify app. Pick a playlist and touch the “Convert” choice through the top club. Put a title or description and choose the “Save setup

” option.Hit “Confirm

” and choose Soundiiz.Step # 3: Finding Your PlaylistsWait before the transformation completes, and touch the “Show” button. Now you can effectively discover the copied playlists on your own Soundiiz internet app.

Method # 3: making use of SongShift

Another approach to copying a Spotify playlist with an iPhone is utilizing third-party apps like SongShift.Step no. 1: Downloading SongShift and choosing supplyDownload the

SongShiftapp through the

App Store. Introduce the app and choose Apple Music. Tap “Continue

” and faucet “

Connect“. Touch “OK

” so SongShift can access your Apple musical collection. Pick the “

Connect” option beneath the “Connect Cloud Library

” part. 

You will likely to be directed towards the iTunes website in a browser. Sign in together with your Apple ID and faucet “Allow“. Step # 2: Syncing SpotifyFind and touch Spotify within the SongShift application. Enter your Spotify credentials and sign in. Read most of the stipulations very carefully and touch “Agree“.Spotify happens to be synced; faucet “Continue” to continue. Tap “Get Started” and faucet the

plus (+) icon through the right-right part.Step # 3: establishing SongShiftIf you’re utilizing SongShift for the very first time, a screen asking to try out a brief SongShift guide can look before you decide to; faucet “Dismiss

” and select “

Setup Source” through the next web page. Choose Spotify and faucet “Continue

“.Step no. 4: Choosing a PlaylistSelect the playlist you need to move through the directory of playlists and tap “Done“. SongShift will immediately pick Apple Music

due to the fact location app.

TipOn SongShift Pro, you’ll be permitted to select multiple playlists at this time. Step # 5: Finishing UpSelect “I’m completed” and wait for “Processing

” message to improve to “

Ready to Review“. Touch regarding the playlist and review the playlist and discover if every thing fits. Choose “Confirm Matches” and hold back until the procedure completes. Tap “Continue” in the next web page. 

When the processing completes, you will find the copied playlist in Apple Music’s “

Library” Section.SummaryIn this guide on copying a Playlist on Spotify with iPhone, we’ve looked at numerous means of duplicating a Playlist regarding the Spotify App. These generally include Spotify Cellphone App, internet application, and third-party apps.Hopefully, one of these brilliant practices did for you personally, and you may now duplicate your chosen Spotify playlists to many other apps utilizing your iPhone easily.

Spotify’s dedicated app perhaps not only enables users to be controlled by exciting playlists but additionally allows them to duplicate and play these playlists every time they want. Nevertheless, many individuals find copying a playlist on Spotify quite challenging.Quick AnswerTo copy a playlist on Spotify with iPhone, open the Spotify app, go right to the “Library” section, and choose the plus (+) icon through the top-right part to produce and name a brand new playlist.From the search choice, get the playlist you need to duplicate. Touch the three dots

next to each track on your own initial playlist and select “Add to Playlist“. Get back to “


” and open your playlist. There are most of the copied tracks here.

In this write-up, we’ve put together an extensive step by step guide for you personally describing how exactly to duplicate a playlist on Spotify with iPhone quickly.

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