How To Create a Secure Folder on iPhone

Creating a protected Folder on iPhone

Method number 1: Password Protecting Your Photos

Step # 1: find the Photos

Step # 2: preserving Photos To Note

Step # 3: Password Protecting the Note

Step # 4: Deleting Photos Through the initial Source

  1. Method # 2: utilizing “Calculator# Hide Photos Videos” App
    • Summary
      • Frequently expected concerns
      • Creating a protected Folder on iPhone
      • It is effective to own a “Secure Folder” on iPhone to safeguard personal pictures and files from prying eyes and keep individual information far from hackers. 
      • Although creating a secure folder on iPhone just isn’t feasible natively, there are many workarounds, and our three step by step practices could make the method simple for you. 
    • So without maintaining you waiting, listed below are two means of producing a secure folder in your iPhone and protecting your pictures and videos. 
  2. Method # 1: Password Protecting Your Photos
  3. To secure your pictures in your iPhone, you’ll password protect all of them with the next actions. 

Step # 1: choose the Photos

Launch the

“Photos” app

on your own iPhone and choose the


tab through the bottom menu. Touch regarding the


by which pictures you intend to conceal can be found. Find the pictures and faucet regarding the “Share” symbol.Step # 2: preserving Photos To NoteSelect the “Add to Notes” choice regarding the “Share” menu. Next, touch the


choice to conserve the chosen pictures towards the “Notes” app. Step no. 3: Password Protecting the NoteLaunch the “Notes” app through the “Home” menu and choose the


which has your Photos. Next, touch the “Share” icon and scroll straight down regarding the “Share” menu to choose the “Lock Note” choice. Enter the password to secure the “Note” whenever prompted and faucet “Done”.Step # 4: Deleting Photos Through the initial supplyOnce the pictures are conserved in “Lock Note”, nobody can access them without going into the Password. Nonetheless, they have been nevertheless contained in the “Photos” app on iPhone.


the pictures after that and the “Recently Deleted Folder” afterward.NoteIt is very important to notice as you are able to go or move a photograph into a fresh note and include the password later. Nonetheless, the drawback is this process works just for nevertheless photos/images. Therefore, you can’t include real time pictures or videos to a note.Method # 2: utilizing “Calculator# Hide Photos Videos” AppCalculator# is an excellent software for iPhones that mimics it self as a functional calculator and hides your records and files

behind it self. To take action, install and download the application in your phone. Then, introduce the app, create a passcode, and kind it followed closely by a portion icon. 

Once the Calculator application is unlocked, use current picture records or produce a fresh secured folder. Afterwards, choose an album through the software and include pictures by importing them from your own iPhone collection, digital camera, clipboard, or iTunes. You will need to be sure that internet access is enabled in your iPhone.  


You also can make use of Touch ID to unlock and register to the “Screen Calculator” app.SummaryIn this guide on producing a secure folder on iPhone, we’ve investigated the causes for maintaining files personal and talked about just how you’ll be able to make use of the integral phone function and use a third-party software. There are also other user-friendly apps on App shop which will help you protect your folders.Hopefully, you might be now at comfort, comprehending that your personal pictures and files are safe in a “Secure Folder”. 

Frequently expected concerns

How to setup a “Secure Folder” on Samsung phones?

To set up Secure Folder on Samsung phones, faucet on Settings and scroll right down to Secure Folder. Touch about it and register to your Samsung account if prompted. 

Next, select a security technique, i.e., PIN, password, or pattern, and install it. Tap close to follow guidelines and access the Secure Folder. 

How to recover deleted pictures on iPhone?

To retrieve deleted photos on iPhone, introduce the “Photos” app, and touch the “Albums” tab. Next, choose the “Recently Deleted Album” to gain access to pictures deleted within the last few thirty days.

Select the picture you intend to recover and tap “Recover” to have it right back in your “Photo Library”. 

Android products, particularly Samsung phones, have actually a “Secure Folder” to truly save personal pictures, movie, files, apps, and information. But, iPhone doesn’t have a native “Secure Folder” app. Nevertheless, you’ll secure your personal pictures and files utilizing the Note Lock function and third-party apps. 

Quick Solution

To secure folders on iPhone, introduce the “Photos” app and select “Albums”. Now choose the pictures, faucet regarding the “Share” icon, choose “Add to Notes”, and touch the “Save” option. Upcoming, launch the “Notes” app, choose the Note along with your pictures, faucet regarding the “Share” icon to get into the “Share” menu, and faucet on “Lock Note”. Finally, key in the password regarding the prompt.

Data protection and privacy perform an intrinsic component in every unit. When you yourself have an iPhone, you don’t wish any one else to access your essential files, pictures, and videos.

Therefore, we took the full time to publish a straightforward guide on producing a secure folder on iPhone utilizing non-conventional means that change from making files and files secure on an Android unit. 

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