How To Delete a PlayStation Network Account


It’s effortless to delete your PlayStation individual account but eliminating the system it self is a totally various thing. Whenever you delete your user account to disconnect it from a PlayStation unit, you almost certainly don’t plan to carry on utilizing it. For whatever reason, perhaps not every thing gets deleted. Important computer data continues to be in Sony’s servers, and you will regain use of the account by calling them and asking for a password reset. But, deleting your PlayStation system account is needed once you’ve chose to erase every thing completely.

Quick Answer

Unlike deleting your PlayStation account, you have to contact Sony to possess them shut your PlayStation Network account. You’ll need certainly to have your sign-in ID (email target) and online ID handy before calling them for the account closing.

We’ll break this down for you personally in a step-by-step guide below. Additionally, we’ll mention the consequences of shutting your PlayStation Network account just in case you’re perhaps not fully conscious. So, keep reading. 

Dining table of articles

  1. 3 Steps To Delete PlayStation Network Account
    • Step # 1: Select a Topic
    • Step # 2: Specify Your Topic
    • Step # 3: Select How To Contact Sony
  2. what are the results in the event that you near Your PlayStation Network Account?
    • Consequence # 1: Lose Access to Purchased Content
    • Consequence # 2: Your PlayStation ID Becomes Useless
    • Consequence # 3: drop Access to Subscriptions and PSN Wallet
  3. Summary
  4. Frequently expected concerns

3 Steps To Delete PlayStation Network Account

You can’t delete your PlayStation community (PSN) account by your self; you have to contact Sony help. Therefore, first, visit their PlayStation help page and then stick to the steps below.

Step no. 1: Select a Topic

Scroll down the web page just a little, and you’ll see a list of subjects you’ll ask the help to greatly help with. Select “Account & Protection.”

Step number 2: Specify Your Topic

You’ll see a drop-down menu containing more particular subjects as soon as you click on the “Account & Security” option. Click on the “Change on line ID & different Account Questions” option.

Step # 3: Select How To Contact Sony

Scroll down further for more details. Under “Need To Contact Us?” you’ll see two choices to make contact; “Live Chat” with a Sony help representative available from 8 AM to 7 PM Pacific Time (PT) and “Twitter” open from 8 AM to 7 PM PT.

Click the “talk Now” link if you opt to get the Live chat way. You’ll be rerouted towards the help Residence web page. You’ll need certainly to complete your first namePSN sign-in ID (Email), and PSN online ID. Achieve this and hit the “Request Chat” key below.


You need to be sure that you’re requesting assistance through the live chat choice inside the operating hours. Otherwise, the service won’t be available.

Conversely, click on the “@AskPlayStation” link if you opt to look for assistance from Sony’s Twitter page. The hyperlink will redirect one to Twitter. Login to your account and start a conversation with a person help agent.

What Happens if You near Your PlayStation Network Account?

Deleting your PlayStation system account has serious consequences, as well as perhaps that’s why you have to contact help if you’d like to do this. Even as we stated earlier, it is not the same as deleting your individual account as all things are deleted completely. 

Consequence # 1: drop Access to Purchased Content

You’ll lose use of content you could have purchased with the account. You can’t move this content to a different account, and you’ll scarcely get a refund.

Consequence number 2: Your PlayStation ID Becomes Useless

Deleting your PlayStation system account means you can’t make use of your PlayStation ID if you wish to produce another account.

Consequence # 3: drop Access to Subscriptions and PSN Wallet

You’ll also lose use of your subscriptions once you delete your PSN account. Also, your PSN wallet would be gone!


The above had been our guide on deleting a PlayStation system account. We’ve described three simple steps to begin that; go directly to the PlayStation help web page from your own phone or Computer and select a topic. Next, pick a far more specific subject from the drop-down menu, and finally, regulate how to contact Sony – reside talk or via Twitter. 

We’ve additionally discovered that deleting your PSN account has severe consequences, and you ought to think it over before generally making the greatest choice. They consist of losing access to bought content, subscriptions, and PSN wallet. Additionally, you can’t make use of your PlayStation ID generate a brand new account. We wish that you’ll make an educated choice. 

Frequently expected concerns

How may I delete a profile from my PS4?

1) Go to “Settings” on your own PS4 and choose “Login Settings” through the choices list.
2) While with this web page, simply click on the “User Management” button.
3) There are two main choices to select from right here; “Create” or “Delete consumer.” Select “Delete Individual.”
4) Choose the individual you intend to delete regarding the next display screen.
5) Select “Delete” and complete it by clicking on “Yes” to concur that you certainly desire to delete. 

Can Sony delete my PlayStation system take into account inactivity?

No, Sony does not delete makes up about inactivity. But, their system will immediately erase your account if it continues to be inactive for a specific duration. 

How does the PlayStation system work?

You need certainly to set up an on-line account to get going regarding the PlayStation system. Provide an current email address and select a unique online identifier. Creating the account is free, you could go with compensated subscriptions and access more features like joining multiplayer games and monitoring their data. 

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