How To Delete All Junk Mail on iPhone

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Too numerous e-mails in your iPhone’s “Junk” folder can be annoying.

First, the e-mails takes up a great deal of your iCloud storage space room in the event that you leave them to accumulate. Next, many of these e-mails are marketing communications and spam and may make your mailboxes look disorganized and effect your general usability regarding the e-mail software. Deleting your spam frequently additionally means that you don’t miss seeing a message that needs your attention. 

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Deleting all spam in your iPhone is easy, and you may get it done ina moment. Start the Email app to begin with. Select the “Junk” folder, hit the “Edit” button, and faucet “Select All“. Finally, choose the “Delete” button, and you’re done!

We’ve explained this step-by-step below to assist you realize it better. Keep Reading and learn to delete spam in your iPhone like a pro! 

  1. Steps To Delete All spam on iPhone
    • Step # 1: start Your Email
    • Step # 2: go directly to the Junk Folder
    • Step number 3: Select e-mails
    • Step # 4: Delete e-mails
  2. Conclusion
  3. Frequently expected concerns

Steps To Delete All Junk Mail on iPhone

All unwelcome inbound e-mails are immediately delivered to the “Junk” folder. That means that your Inbox remains free from promotional-based communications and spam that will cause unneeded mess. But, in the event that you don’t act, hundreds or tens of thousands of e-mails can easily accumulate in your “Junk” mailbox. 

Unless you can find a number of certain e-mails you don’t wish to lose, deleting all of your Junk e-mails is important for the space, organization, and also better usability of your iPhone’s Email software. 

So, here you will find the actions to delete all junk in your iPhone.

Step no. 1: start Your Email

Look for the Email app on your own iPhone’s house display and faucet to start it. Ignore this task if you’re currently there. 

Step no. 2: go directly to the Junk Folder

Under “Mailboxes“, you have got a few files: “Inbox“, “Draft“, “Sent“, “Junk“, “Trash“, and “Archive“. Find the “Junk” folder to access most of the e-mails included here. 

Step no. 3: choose e-mails

Tap regarding the “Edit” button during the top-right regarding the display. As soon as you hit this button, you’ll have actually two choices: “Cancel” or “Select All” in the left. As you wish to delete all, choose the “Select All” option. 

Step # 4: Delete e-mails

After selecting all the e-mails in this Mailbox, you’ll have three choices at the end regarding the display screen: “Mark“, “Move“, and “Delete” during the right. Touch in the “Delete” choice. Struck the red “Delete All” button to verify you want to delete all mails. 


once you delete the e-mails through the “Junk” folder, they immediately proceed to the “Trash” folder. Therefore, you will need to additionally go right to the folder and delete them. Follow steps 3-4 above to eliminate the e-mails entirely.


It’s pretty simple to delete all spam in your iOS unit. We’ve discussed four easy steps within our article above. While you’ve noticed, it is an action that may simply take a moment of your energy. 

Just start the e-mail software and go right to the “Junk” folder. Next, touch in the “Edit” switch at the very top, click “Select All”, and select the “Delete” choice at the end regarding the display. it is as simple and fast as that!

We’ve discovered that after we clear the “Junk” folder, all e-mails immediately go right to the “Trash”. You need to additionally visit this folder and delete the e-mails if you’d like to take them of completely.  

Frequently expected concerns

Should we delete all my spam?

Yes. It’s good to empty your pre-approved offers folder every single day when possible. This routine lets you have the junk e-mails and find out any that may require your attention. Deleting your junk additionally provides your mailboxes a sense of company and better usability of your e-mail software. Additionally saves your iCloud storage space room

How could I delete all e-mails on my iPhone iOS 14?

You can’t delete all e-mails in your iPhone with an individual simply click. You’ll need certainly to work around that whilst in edit mode; choose the very first e-mail in the list, and press and support the “Move” button to choose most of the e-mails. After that, it is possible to easily go them to your trash. 

Can we find an app to greatly help delete e-mails?

Yes. Numerous third-party apps in the App shop will allow you to clean mails and spam in your iOS unit. An example could be the Clean Email, and you may additionally decide to try Cleanfox. These apps offer an instant and efficient means of decluttering your mailboxes with only several presses. 

How could I clear multiple e-mails in Outlook on my iPhone?

Go to your “Message” list; faucet and hold among the first e-mails you wish to delete. Raise your little finger and touch one other e-mails. Select the “Delete” choice to clear.

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