How To Delete an App on LG TV

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Nowadays, Smart TVs can be found in nearly every home. Like smart phones, they offer immediate access to different news files, games, streaming apps, and searching experiences with the aid of higher level software technology. But, just like every device, you will probably find it hard to delete an app on your own smart television. 

Quick response

It can be done to delete apps on an LG TV by picking the application and getting rid of it through the LG information shop. Discover the specific application into the listing of available apps, go directly to the edit part and uninstall it.

If you would like a slightly more capable platform overall while maintaining the spending plan at heart, LG television is the most readily useful bet in comparison to other common brands.

So we took the full time to create a step-by-step guide to assist you eliminate the apps on your own affordable television to take back some area for this new people. 

  1. Why Can’t I Delete Apps on LG Smart television?
  2. Deleting Apps on LG TV
    • Method # 1: making use of LG information Store
      • Step number 1: select Edit Mode
      • Step # 2: find the App
      • Step # 3: Confirm and Delete the App
    • Method # 2: making use of My Apps Menu
  3. Fixing LG Content Store
  4. Summary
  5. Frequently expected concerns

Why Can’t I Delete Apps on LG Smart television?

There could possibly be different reasons you can’t delete apps on your own LG Smart TV. Many of these are:

  • Poor internet connection.
  • LG Content Store isn’t working.
  • Varied region settings.

Deleting Apps on LG TV

Removing the installed apps on your LG Smart TV just isn’t because complicated since it appears. With the aid of our step-to-step guide, now you can resolve the matter with less commitment.

Here are a couple of techniques to assist you to delete an app on your own LG television. 

Method # 1: making use of LG information Store

The LG Content Store is an alternate to your Enjoy shop on numerous Android os TVs, and you will make use of it to delete a certain app.

Step # 1: select Edit Mode

First, get the edit mode on your own smart television. To achieve this, press the “Home” key on your own LG television remote control. Demand right part associated with the app list using the remote unless you get the pencil symbol (edit).

Step no. 2: Locate the App

After entering the edit mode, find the app you want to delete. Next, navigate to your application in order to find a little “X” symbol above it. 


For example, if you wish to delete Amazon Prime movie, highlight it utilizing the handy remote control. The “X” icon will pop-up over the app’s icon.

Step # 3: Confirm and Delete the App

Once you press the “X” symbol over the application, a pop-up screen will show up. You’ll be expected whether you need to delete it or otherwise not. 

Tap the “Yes” key to delete the application from your own LG TV.

Method # 2: making use of My Apps Menu

If you have an older LG TV, follow these actions to delete the apps you don’t wish.

  1. Press the “Home” button in your TV’s remote control.
  2. Locate the LG Content store application and select “Ok” to look at the shop options.
  3. Now, Navigate to “Apps,” choose “My Apps,” and press the trash symbol. 
  4. Next, select the app you want to delete.
  5. Press “Delete” and press “Yes” to verify the action.

Fixing LG information Store

If you’re having a problem deleting an app on your own LG television, the LG information shop may possibly not be working.


Failing to access the store will maybe not permit you to install or delete any apps.

Try the next to repair the matter. 

First, start the LG television standard browser and alter the DNS to In the event that information Store continues to be no longer working, troubleshoot the web connectivity issues. 

Another solution to fix LG information shop is hard reboot your LG TV. To achieve this, unplug the television through the primary energy socket. Now, contain the “Power” key in the television for at the least 20 moments and watch for a couple of minutes. Next, plug your smart TV again and attempt to access the LG information Store.


In this guide about deleting an app on your own LG TV, we’ve talked about some easy solutions to assist you to increase the performance of one’s television. We’ve additionally discussed LG Content shop problems adding to the application removal issue and explored a couple of techniques for getting it back again to working once more.

Hopefully, now you can have a seamless experience on your own LG smart television without lagging and certainly will get the maximum benefit enjoyable in your leisure time by setting up your preferred apps.

Frequently Expected concerns

why wouldn’t you delete Apps on your own television?

Although having various apps on your own smart television increases its streaming services, a lot of apps could make your television display screen look cluttered. Additionally, in the event that you keep lots of apps on your own television, it may need forever for you really to pick your preferred application. 

Why is not here an app shop in the LG TV?

LG television is sold with an integral LG information shop rather than the App shop. Even though the title is significantly diffent, there is different apps under one menu. Furthermore, the App shop is open to iOS products.

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