How To Delete Notifications on the Fitbit App

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Fitbit is a wonderful activity monitoring device utilized by numerous physical fitness geeks. The small wristband you wear particularly songs your task and shows it. Nonetheless, unlike its rivals, Fitbit relies primarily on its software to help make modifications. So how do you delete notifications on your own Fitbit software? 

Quick response

To delete a notification regarding the Fitbit software, introduce the software, faucet regarding the three dots during the part of the display screen, select Notification”, and faucet “Delete” to clear all. You need the notification choice enabled on your own smartphone before getting a notification from your own Fitbits into the software on your own smartphone. 

Fitbit notifications are a two-way road. You are able to get notifications from your own phone on your own Fitbit additionally the one on Fitbit on your own phone. Getting these notifications keeps you informed. Continue reading to find out more about the notifications on Fitbits. 

  1. How setting Up Notifications for Fitbit
    • Method # 1: On Android os 
    • Method no. 2: On iPhone 
  2. Conclusion 
  3. Frequently expected concerns 

How To arranged Notifications for Fitbit

Before you would certainly be in a position to delete a notification on your own Fitbit software, you must get a notification to start with. In case your Fitbit will not be set to get notifications, you will definitely constantly understand notification dashboard empty.

You will be able to get a notification from your own Fitbit on your own smartphone if this has an LCD display screen. Whether you employ an Android or an iPhone, the Fitbit software is supported on both. 

Method # 1: On Android os 

To utilize the Fitbit software on your own Android os unit, it should run Android 5.0 or above. Bluetooth must also be enabled on your own smartphone. It’ll be better to have Do maybe not Disturb disabled on your own Android os unit and guarantee your smartphone and Fitbit products are nearby. 

Here’s how exactly to allow notifications for Fitbit on an Android device.

  1. Open the Play Store and download the Fitbit app
  2. Open the Settings app on your own Android os, tap “Apps & Notification”, select “Notifications”, click “On Lock Screen”, and disable “Don’t Show Notification At All” if enabled. 
  3. Go towards the “Apps & Notifications” menu, faucet on “See All Apps”, available the Fitbits app, and toggle “Show Notification” allow it. 
  4. Launch the Fitbit software and faucet on “Account” into the upper remaining part of the display screen. 
  5. underneath the “Device” menu, go through the tracker, scroll to “General”, and select “Always Connected” allow it. 
  6. Select “Notifications”
  7. Choose the notification category you wish to allow, as all of the available apps will show right here. 

Quick Tip

You can use these directions for Android 8.0 or later because well. Though some menu elements might be called differently, the method is the identical.

Method no. 2: On iPhone 

If you employ an iPhone, you’ll install and make use of the Fitbit software. Nonetheless, to get notification about it, you need to have the Do Not Disturb switched off. It’s also wise to make sure both products are near each other and Bluetooth enabled. 

Here’s how exactly to allow notifications for Fitbit on an iPhone device.

  1. Open the App Store and download the Fitbit app
  2. Launch the Settings app, faucet “Notification”, and allow the Fitbit app
  3. Launch the Fitbit software, and faucet on “Account” through the upper remaining part. 
  4. underneath the “Devices” menu, faucet on your own unit. 
  5. Select the “Notification” choice and toggle the notification of every software you wish to allow. 

Keep at heart

Notification on your own iPhone would simply be delivered through the standard software for every single category.


Keeping monitoring of the notifications delivered to your Fitbit and the ones delivered to your smartphone will come in handy. Whether you employ an iPhone or an Android, you are able to get a grip on exactly what notification gets delivered. If you have got gotten so many notifications regarding the Fitbit software, utilize the method above to delete them. 

Frequently expected concerns 

Can we delete notifications on my Fitbit? 

Yes, you can delete notifications on your own Fitbit. Nonetheless, unlike deleting notifications on your own smartphone, deleting notifications on Fitbit is a little tricky.

If you employ a Fitbit Versa, press the power bottom additionally the right bottom button before you understand Fitbit icon, that will clear all of the cache files regarding the Fitbit. 

What does the red dot on my Fitbit app mean? 

If you see a red dot on your own Fitbit software, this means you have accomplished your everyday goal. It may be a specific distance you wish to protect or a collection amount of actions you wish to simply take. Once you attain it, there clearly was a red dot regarding the software to alert one to check out the software. 

Can you text on Fitbit? 

Yes, you can answer text communications straight from your own Fitbit, dependent on your Fitbit model. Nonetheless, you’ll want Fitbit attached to your unit to make this happen. 

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