How To Dial Letters on iPhone

Dialing Letters on an iPhone

You could have encounter different organizations that promote their quantity as an assortment of letters and figures become very easy to keep in mind. For example, an inside decorator might promote their quantity as 1-800-PAINTER, while their real quantity is 1-800-724-6837. There might be other comparable figures with letters inside them, particularly free ones.

So how will you dial them? The dialer in iPhone just has figures and never letters, how do you transform the letters into figures? it is really pretty effortless, and you may quickly obtain the hang from it by changing the figures a few times.

So if you’re thinking how to dial letters in your iPhone, right here’s all you need to understand.

Dining table of articles

  1. Overview of Dialing Letters on an iPhone
  2. Steps To Dial Letters on iPhone
    • Step # 1: introduce the device App
    • Step # 2: find the appropriate Letters
    • Step no. 3: complete the Number
  3. Summary
  4. Frequently expected concerns

Overview of Dialing Letters on an iPhone

If you’ve ever utilized old monoblock phones with keypads for texting, dialing letters in your iPhone will obviously arrive at you. Such phones had letters written underneath the quantity, also to form a text, you’d to help keep pushing lots before you got the page you desired. Therefore, as an example, in the event that you desired to compose the page ‘b,’ you had to press the amount 2 2 times to have that page.

Now take a good look at your iPhone dialer. So as to digits from 2 to 9 has letters mentioned below them. Some have actually three letters assigned for them, while others have 4. Now, all that’s left is dialing the figures!

Steps To Dial Letters on iPhone

Dialing letters on an iPhone is pretty simple. Remove your iPhone and follow these steps:

Step # 1: introduce the telephone App

Find the green-colored phone symbol in your iPhone and faucet about it to start the device application. You will notice the numerical dial pad in your display screen.

Step number 2: find the appropriate Letters

Take a review of the device quantity you intend to dial and commence with all the very first page. Find the matching quantity in the keypad. For example, in the event that page you intend to dial is C, then matching quantity is 2.

Step number 3: complete the quantity

Now transform all of the letters to the matching figures, and simply press call!

Alternatively: usage Dictation

Another method to dial letters on an iPhone is to use the dictation function. To take action:

  1. Go to your Settings app.
  2. Go to General, then Keyboard, and Enable Dictation.
  3. Press the microphone switch and begin talking.
  4. After saying the amount you intend to dial, simply press Done and the device will require care regarding the remainder for you personally.


You now understand how to dial letters on an iPhone. So that the the next time the thing is lots with a mixture of letters and digits, do you know what doing! With a small amount of training, it will be possible to transform the letters into figures without taking a look at the dial pad!

Frequently expected concerns

How may I utilize letters on my iPhone’s dial pad?

The phone application does not have a letter keyboard. Alternatively, you can find letters connected with each digit. Therefore to make use of letters in your iPhone’s dial pad, you simply need certainly to touch in the digit linked to the letter you’re searching to dial. You’ll find the letters below each digit.

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