How To Disable WPS on a Router

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  1. Steps To Disable WPS on a Router 
    • Step number 1: Enter Your ip in a Router
    • Step number 2: sign in as an Admin
    • Step # 3: Navigate to “Advanced Settings”
    • Step number 4: discover the WPS Option and Toggle It Off
  2. Conclusion 
  3. Frequently Asked Question 

Steps To Disable WPS on a Router 

One of the very significant features of making a router’s WPS feature active on your own router is convenience. Nevertheless the simplicity of linking to your router whenever WPS is enabled leaves your community susceptible to assaults. Within a few hours, an effective assault regarding the WPS purpose of your router will reveal your community password.  

What’s more concerning about making the WPS function on is the fact that if an attack on your own community is prosperous, the attacker can monitor traffic on your own community and also introduce further assaults. Supplied an attacker is the air array of your router, the attacker can obtain WPA or WEP password. Also it will not make a difference whether you have got a good password on your own router; the thing is maybe not because of the password however with the community. 

However, there are methods to secure the WPS on a router, such as for instance updating your router’s firmware. Nevertheless the easiest way to safeguard your self continues to be to disable the WPS. You’ll stick to the step by step guide below to disable WPS on a router. 

Step # 1: Enter Your ip in a Router

Firstly, enter the ip of the router in a web web browser. In the event that you don’t understand your router’s internet protocol address, check out the back of the router; it must be written here. Your router’s ip is a few one, two, and three figures divided by dots. You should use any internet browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge on a PC or smart phone.

Step no. 2: sign in as an Admin

Ensure your router is on while the unit you wish to used to turn fully off the WPS environment is linked to your router. A window will start once you enter your router’s ip in your on line web browser. In this screen, you’re to enter the password associated with the router. If this has maybe not been changed, the account in many cases are at the rear of the router. 

Step # 3: Navigate to “Advanced Settings”

After successfully logging in the router, navigate towards the “Advanced Settings”. With respect to the screen of the router, but of all routers, you need to very first faucet on “Settings”> “Advanced Settings” through the choice.  

Step number 4: get the WPS choice and Toggle It Off

In the “Advanced Settings” menu, faucet regarding the “Wireless” option and choose “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”. At this time, you are able to merely touch the toggle turn fully off. 

Keep in Mind

Being able to disable WPS on your own router depends on the access point. The access point on some routers might not actually disable the WPS once the internet administration screen shows this has.


Turning down the WPS function on your own router is pretty simple. For protection reasons, it’s always best to turn the WPS function down. Besides protection issues, making the WPS choices enabled is convenient because it allows you to connect with your router with a push of a button or making use of an eight-digit PIN and never the long 16-character WPA password. 

Frequently expected matter 

what’s going to take place whenever I disable WPS on my router? 

When you disable the WPS function on your own router, absolutely nothing extreme occurs. Your router will not really reboot it self. But, when you need in order to connect towards the Wi-Fi system, you’d have to know the traditional community password. 

When can it be perfect to utilize the WPS function on your own router? 

The truth is you shouldn’t consider utilizing it. Unless of course the ease of having this particular feature enabled really matters to you. But, be aware of that which you do regarding the community when you yourself have the WPS function enabled, because you can never be mindful if some one has hacked to the community.  

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