How To Dispose of Laptop Batteries

Laptop Batteries

Even though your laptop computer batteries are rechargeable, they could perish down eventually. And once that occurs, you can’t simply throw the laptop computer battery pack along with the rest of one’s trash; you’ll want to get rid of it correctly, even when you will dsicover it a little bit of an inconvenience. In the event that you don’t, it may be an environmental risk.

Quick Answer

To dispose of laptop computer batteries, you’ll want to detach them from your own laptop computer, seal the ends, have them far from reactants, and dispose of these at regional recycling channels, stores, online recycling organizations, or maker mail recycling services.

Here’s all you need to learn about the appropriate and safe disposal of one’s laptop computer batteries. 

  1. How To dump Laptop Batteries
    • Step # 1: verify the Battery Is Dead
    • Step no. 2: eliminate the Battery
    • Step # 3: Seal the Battery
    • Step number 4: pick the Right Recycling Center
      • Option # 1: regional Recycling channels
      • Option no. 2: Retailers 
      • Option # 3: maker Mail Recycling Service 
      • Option # 4: Online Recycling organizations
  2. Conclusion

How To dump Laptop Batteries

Safely losing your laptop’s batteries is essential so the chemicals harm no body inside them. Laptop batteries have lithium, which are often reactive and pose a fire risk if maybe not removed correctly. 

And since laptop computer batteries are an environmental risk, tossing them away into the trash normally illegal in some states. Improper disposal means you’ll need certainly to spend hefty fines. Here’s a step-by-step guide on safely disposing of laptop computer batteries to stop that from occurring.

Step no. 1: verify the Battery Is Dead

Only think about getting rid of the battery pack if it is not any longer working. In some instances, your battery pack might malfunction, and you may get that fixed rather than replacing it totally. Therefore just before put money into a brand new battery pack, ask an expert to ensure the battery pack has run its program and in case you need to get rid of it. 

Step no. 2: eliminate the Battery

Carefully detach the dead battery pack from the laptop (even though its dead), in order to deliver it to a recycling facility. To do this, start the buttons/latches underneath your laptop computer. Should your laptop computer has a screwed-in battery pack, it’s likely you have to include a bit more work.  

Step # 3: Seal the Battery

Damaged or dead batteries can leak if they’re perhaps not correctly managed. To stop leakages and steer clear of accidents, it is easier to seal both ends of this battery with masking tape. For further security, it is possible to place the battery pack in a sealed bag such that it does not respond along with other elements like atmosphere or combustible things like cardboard or paper. 

If you’ve got numerous batteries, keep them far from one another. Preferably, you need to keep the batteries in a dark and cool spot far from other activities. 

Step number 4: pick the Right Recycling Center

Now that your particular laptop computer battery pack is able to be removed, the very last thing you must do is select where you wish to deliver that it is recycled. You’ll select from the next choices:

Option no. 1: regional Recycling channels

You find an area recycling solution offered by the region or the federal government that collects products such as for instance laptop computer batteries for appropriate disposal. You’ll disappear the dead batteries at recycling channels in malls, general public libraries, community facilities, etc.

You also can look for local recycling solutions online to discover when they just take laptop computer batteries. When they do, schedule a period using them. 

Option no. 2: merchants 

Many US states consider laptop computers hazardous waste and have now caused it to be mandatory to get rid of them. One particular option to accomplish that is always to send the dead batteries back towards the merchant you purchased them from, and they’ll submit them for recycling. 

In some states, what the law states calls for stores to simply accept dead batteries, even though you didn’t initially purchase from them. Numerous regional chains like Home Depot and greatest Buy also accept old batteries at their recycling channels. 

Option # 3: maker Mail Recycling Service 

If you don’t have any stores towards you that accept dead batteries, you will get in contact with your laptop’s maker and place in a request for a mail recycling service.

Many manufacturers like Apple and IBM provide such solutions in major US states. Others—such as Acer, Lenovo, and HP—partner with regional recycling organizations and shops to present comparable solutions. All you have to do is schedule a pick-up time. Additionally, make certain you have details about the maneuvering and packaging of utilized batteries. 

Option number 4: Online Recycling organizations

You may also contact online recycling organizations that recycle electronic products to get rid of dead batteries. Keep in mind that since each one of these solutions are online, it’s likely you have to cover some charge for product collection, you could additionally find some non-profit recycling organizations. 

And as with other choices, be sure you schedule a consultation and learn how to pack the batteries accordingly. 


Disposing a dead laptop computer battery pack correctly is important, specially considering that the lithium inside could be dangerous. Aided by the guidelines stated earlier, you are able to properly and correctly submit your laptop computer batteries for appropriate recycling and disposal. Make certain you learn how to seal and pack it correctly in order to avoid accidents. 

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