How To Do Picture in Picture on Apple TV

  1. Step-by-Step Guide to Enabling Apple TV Picture-in-Picture Mode
    • Step # 1: start Apple television Control Center  
    • Step no. 2: demand Picture-In-Picture Icon
    • Step number 3: start a brand new Video 
    • Step no. 4: Control the Mode 
  2. Conclusion 
  3. Frequently expected concerns 

Step-by-Step Guide to Enabling Apple television Picture-in-Picture Mode

Using the picture-in-picture mode is supported of all apps in your Apple television. If you should be not receiving this particular feature on any application which should help it, then you can need certainly to upgrade the application to gain access to the function. 

Here’s just how to allow Apple TV’s picture-in-picture mode.

Step number 1: start Apple television Control Center  

The first faltering step to utilizing the picture-in-picture mode is always to play one thing in your Apple television. You are able to play such a thing from a video clip from a streaming application or a feed from your own digital camera. Using the movie playing, long-press the television button in your Apple television remote to start the Control Center

Step no. 2: demand Picture-In-Picture Icon

With the Control target display, utilize the clickpad ring regarding the remote to demand picture-in-picture icon and then click onto it. The picture-in-picture symbol is generally positioned during the bottom-right part for the display, therefore it shouldn’t be difficult to determine, offered the Control Center is on display.  

Step number 3: start a brand new movie 

once you go through the picture-in-picture symbol, the earlier movie regarding the primary display will proceed to an inferior audience into the part for the display. At this time, then you’re able to select the newest video you wish to play. You are able to elect to play a camera feed or a streaming video clip application, whichever you need. Instead, you can press the Siri button and get Siri to pull up the movie you need. 

Step # 4: Control the Mode 

With the 2 videos on display, you’ll set and adjust them while you see fit. You are able to go the movie to your smaller audience by pushing the TV key showing extra settings. These settings enable you to go the movie into the smaller audience to at least one for the four corners for the television display or switch the video clip in fullscreen with all the one into the smaller audience. 

Keep in your mind

whilst the picture-in-picture function is very good, the issue is that hardly any movie supply supports it natively except the Apple television program. Therefore, may very well not manage to view Netflix and Hulu simultaneously. Luckily, a workaround lets you make use of picture-in-picture with numerous apps today.


The picture-in-picture function is a helpful device on Apple television that allows you to enjoy viewing two movie feeds simultaneously. Unfortunately, perhaps not numerous streaming apps help this function. Using AirPlay as a workaround has limits, such as the inability to flip small movie with all the bigger one in the event that bigger one doesn’t offer the picture-in-picture function.

With the display into the smaller audience, you are able to select another application from your own Apple television to relax and play another application regarding the bigger screen. Utilising the procedure works despite having two cases of the exact same application. 

Frequently expected Questions 

What happens to your sound whenever viewing two videos with Apple television PiP? 

Playing two videos simultaneously with picture-in-picture on Apple television immediately mutes one of its audio. The movie into the smaller audience is exactly what frequently gets muted even though the sound in the primary screenplays away. Nonetheless, you’ll constantly switch involving the smaller view and also the primary display to be controlled by what exactly is taking place into the smaller audience and switch when necessary. 

How do we work around utilizing picture-in-picture mode for many apps on Apple television? 

In many situations, Apple’s AirPlay feature is a workaround to utilizing the picture-in-picture function. Any iOS application that supports AirPlay will help you to deliver movie to your television by striking the AirPlay icon. The moment the movie begins playing in your television, you are able to shrink it by tapping regarding the remote and choosing the picture-in-picture symbol.

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