How To Duplicate Apps on Android

Duplicate Apps on Android

If you have got multiple account you want to make use of for an application, like WhatsApp, however you just get one example for the application, don’t worry. Dependent on your Android os phone, you’ll produce a duplicate of this application, include an alternative account, and make use of it simply just like the initial software. 

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If your phone enables you to replicate the application, you’ll find a setting for this in your phone’s Settings. It’s different for every maker, like Parallel Apps in OnePlus phones and Dual Applications in Xiaomi phones, so you’ll need certainly to explore just a little to obtain the right option. Then, all you have to do is replicate the software and commence deploying it. If the phone does not have such an element, you should use a third-party app to replicate the software.   

Here’s everything required to understand about duplicating your phone, whether it is a Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, or other Android os phone. 

  1. Why can you replicate an App?
  2. How To replicate Apps on Android
    • Method # 1: Using Settings
    • Method number 2: making use of a Third-Party App
  3. Summary

Why can you replicate an App?

Most people duplicate their apps since they desire to use multiple records on only one device. Despite the fact that more apps have began to enable users to register with numerous records (like WhatsApp and Snapchat), you may still find dilemmas.

When you replicate an app in your Android os phone, you create the identical content from it that can be used individually. This implies you should use your primary account to register to your initial software and a secondary account to register to your duplicate variation.

You will dsicover this counterintuitive, particularly if the software supports numerous records. But think about it because of this: to make use of an alternative account, you’ll have actually to log away first after which join with all the other account. You’ll want to do exactly the same when you wish to make use of 1st account. Rather than all of this hassle, switching between two apps is more workable. This is often specially helpful if you’re a social news supervisor handling various brands. 

You may also replicate an app for the kid or somebody else whom utilizes your phone and make use of the initial one your self. In this manner, they won’t mess along with your choices and settings.  

However, remember it is not feasible to replicate all Android os apps given that they don’t offer help for this, just like the Bing Chrome app.

How To replicate Apps on Android

You can just only make duplicates of an app in your Android os only in the event that software supports it. At the moment, it is contained in some OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Samsung phones. If the Android os phone does not have this particular feature, it’s still feasible to replicate the software you need making use of a third-party app

All manufacturers have actually an alternative title because of this function. As an example, it’s Dual Apps on Xiaomi, Parallel Apps on OnePlus, and Dual Messenger on Samsung. But every one of them work almost exactly the same way.  

right here are a couple of techniques to replicate the apps.

Method # 1: Using Settings

Remember that the next actions are for a OnePlus phone, and also you may need to follow a somewhat various procedure to replicate the apps in your phone. 

  1. Go to Settings > “Utilities”.
  2. Tap “Parallel Apps”. Regarding the next display is a summary of applications you’ll replicate. In the event that you don’t see an app right here, it isn’t supported.
  3. Look for the applying you intend to replicate and turn the toggle on. A duplicate of this software is produced and put into your phone’s software cabinet.

The duplicate software is like a newly-installed software and won’t have of this settings of the initial software. This implies you’ll personalize the software nevertheless you want without changing the initial software. 

Method number 2: Using a Third-Party App

If your phone does not offer the function talked about above, you should use a third-party application called App Cloner alternatively. Keep in mind that the applying is not available in the Enjoy shop, and you’ll have actually to download it through the developer’s website

Once you install the software, right here’s everything you need to do.

  1. Open App Cloner and select the software you intend to replicate.
  2. You can differentiate the clone through the initial one (age.g., give it an unusual title or edit the colour or orientation of this symbol).  
  3. Once you’re done with the necessary customizations, faucet the clone icon present on top.
  4. Depending in the application you’re duplicating, you will get an email about functionality dilemmas. Tap “Continue”
  5. You might have more warnings while the application has been replicated, however you should just permit the duplicating procedure in order to complete. 
  6. Once the process is performed, tap “Install App”.
  7. Tap “Install” when the truth is the Android os APK installer, and you’re done.  


Duplicating an app are a good idea oftentimes, plus it’s simple to do this with all the actions provided above. Whether or not your phone does not offer the function yet, you’ll nevertheless make use of a third-party software to replicate the software you need. Keep in mind that you’ll replicate only a few apps, therefore before you begin, be sure you understand that the software supports replication.

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