How To Eliminate the Green Line on iPhone Screen

Do you’ve got a green line in your iPhone display? If yes, don’t worry. We’re right here aided by the most effective solutions. This short article educate you on concerning the green line on an iPhone display and exactly how to eradicate it.

Quick Answer

To eradicate the green line on an iPhone, you need to restart your iPhone. Once you restart your iPhone, it wipes down memory utilizing unneeded area enabling your iPhone to work correctly once again.

But before you go into complete information on just how to begin it, let’s learn more concerning the green line in the iPhone.

  1. what’s the Green Line on an iPhone?
  2. How to remove Green Line on iPhone?
    • Solution # 1: Reboot the unit
    • Solution # 2: Run the product in healing Mode
    • Solution number 3: Reset the unit
  3. Conclusion

What may be the Green Line on an iPhone?

You could find a bright green straight line in your iPhone display. This issue can happen because of any hardware issue along with your iPhone. it is perhaps not a problem just discovered with old iPhones however with brand new models. And that means you aren’t the only one having this matter. 

The green line could be permanent. Nonetheless, short-term instances are observed too. Some individuals understand green line showing up for a while, then it vanishes. 

So for those who have a green line in your iPhone display, don’t get looking to purchase a fresh phone. We’re right here aided by the most effective solutions. Remember that you can’t resolve this matter of green line with a software revision. Associated with that the green line seems just with technical and hardware dilemmas.

You can resolve the matter temporarily however completely. Let’s learn the feasible solutions for eliminating the green line in the iPhone display.

How to eradicate Green Line on iPhone?

You are now actually conscious of exactly what the green line in the iPhone is. Therefore to resolve the matter, you need to follow most of the actions offered for every technique because all actions will cause you to finish the method.

If you’re contemplating calling Apple help or any nearby Apple shop, decide to try these strategies first.

Let’s have actually a deeper check out the feasible options for eliminating the green line in the iPhone.

Solution no. 1: Reboot the unit

The initial thing we could do in order to eradicate the green line in the iPhone display is reboot the device. Therefore all the cache, additional memory, and worthless data can be free through the device/iPhone.

Follow these easy steps to reboot your iPhone:

  1. Press and support the “energy On/Off” button simultaneously aided by the “Volume Down” key.
  2. Swipe the arrow in the display screen towards the right.
  3. After a matter of seconds, press the “Power On / Off” key to show in the device/iPhone.

Let’s verify that the green line is showing up. If yes, move ahead to your following solution to decide to try one thing else.

Solution # 2: Run the product in healing Mode

If rebooting the device didn’t work, don’t worry; we’ve another solution. Let’s give it a try.

Running these devices on data recovery mode means you are receiving the newest iOS form of your iPhone. Healing mode or upgrading these devices doesn’t suggest you’ll lose your computer data. You are able to backup your computer data before operating it on data recovery mode for security.


To avoid information loss, back up the device and save your self the data.

To run the iPhone on data recovery mode, stick to the offered guidelines and eradicate the green line in your iPhone.

  1. Connect your iPhone to a computer or laptop utilizing a USB cable.
  2. Install the iTunes application.
  3. Restart these devices by quickly pushing the Volume Up and “Volume Down” tips together. Then press and hold the “Power on/off Key.
  4. A recovery mode screen will be in your device.
  5. iTunes will request you to pick an alternative from “Update or Restore.”
  6. Tap in the “Update” choice and begin the data recovery mode. Wait to accomplish the method.

iTunes will recover your unit and reinstall the newest version of iOS in your device.

Check if this works or otherwise not. Or even, let’s proceed to solution 3 to eradicate the green line in your iPhone.

Solution no. 3: Reset the unit

If a green line nevertheless seems in your iPhone display, reset your device to eradicate the green line. The entire process of resetting the iPhone just isn’t complicated. We’re right here with a step-by-step guide that will help you encounter this matter. Prior to starting the process, ensure you have inked the back-up of one’s iPhone.

Important to see: Make a backup of one’s crucial information before resetting these devices, as they can be lost through the resetting procedure.

To reset the iPhone, you ought to:

  1. Open “Settings” on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on “General.”
  3. Select “Reset and Transfer” through the list.
  4. For Factory Reset, faucet on “Erase All Content and Settings.”
  5. Enter your password/passcode.
  6. Confirm the reset by tapping on “Erase.”

Resetting will allow your unit to work well. Lots of people reset their devices and discover that their dilemmas are now actually remedied.

If you aren’t one of these, you need to contact Apple help to create your iPhone workable. One other choice is to have any local Apple Store to eliminate the matter associated with the green line in the iPhone display.


The problem of a green line in the iPhone’s display screen is a headache for the users. This is simply not just taking place with any certain iPhone model nevertheless now is typical to any or all models.

The green line is basically the matter along with your iPhone equipment. Therefore apart from trying some easy-to-apply techniques, you can’t resolve the situation your self.

We supplied you aided by the most effective methods to eradicate the green line in your iPhone display. When you yourself have a green straight line in your iPhone display, mind toward the offered explanations. Decide to try all solutions one at a time and stick to the critical reminders too.

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