How To Enable Bluetooth on Samsung Smart TV

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What Is a Bluetooth-Enabled Samsung Smart television?

How Do I allow Bluetooth on My Samsung Smart television?

Step # 1: Disable Sound Mirroring

  1. Step number 2: Access concealed Menu
  2. Step # 3: Turn BT Audio On
    • Step # 4: Turn MRT Alternatives On
    • Step # 5: Verify Bluetooth Capability
    • Step # 6: choose and Pair Bluetooth Device
    • Using External Bluetooth Adapter
    • Summary
    • Frequently expected concerns
  3. What Is a Bluetooth-Enabled Samsung Smart television?
  4. Quite a few Samsung smart TVs include built-in Bluetooth. It is possible to wirelessly link your
  5. Bluetooth headphones, speakers, hearing aids,

and other products

to your television utilizing the Bluetooth function.You also can pair a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse to your television and simply search/select your preferred shows or films and never have to utilize the TV’s remote.

A fast solution to make sure that your Samsung television has Bluetooth is google your TV’s model quantity. Additionally, a Samsung television that accompany a

smart remote supports Bluetooth, as this is the way the remote pairs it self towards the television. Additionally, it is possible to reference your TV’s individual manual and verify the Bluetooth function there too.How Do I allow Bluetooth on My Samsung Smart television?Enabling Bluetooth on Samsung smart television is just a little complicated. But, we’ll make suggestions with step by step guidelines that may result in the whole process look effortless.We’ll additionally discuss utilizing a Bluetooth adapter in case your Samsung smart television doesn’t help Bluetooth. Therefore, without further ado, this is actually the approach to allowing Bluetooth on your own Samsung smart television.


The following technique can not work on some Samsung smart television models, like the J show or 7 show.

Step number 1: Disable Sound Mirroring

In the initial step, you will need to

turn from the noise mirroring


on your own Samsung smart television. Otherwise, Bluetooth will remain disabled by default.Press the Home switch in the remote and available the

  1. Settings menu.Select “Sound” and then choose
  2. “Expert Settings.”Here, be sure that sound mirroring is
  3. off.Step number 2: Access concealed MenuA few Samsung smart TVs have Bluetooth functionality. Nonetheless, the Bluetooth choice has to be enabled utilizing the TV’s concealed menu.Turn off your Samsung TV. Next, point your remote during the television and press

Mute > 1 > 8 > 2 > energy

in a sequence.

  1. On some Samsung models, you may have to press Info > Settings > Mute > Power in the remote.
  2. Depending in the model, a concealed menu will now appear. You should use the arrows,“Select,”
  3. and “Return” secrets in the remote to navigate through the menu.WarningThe concealed menu is established for solution designers. In the event that you you will need to alter some other standard settings, your television may breakdown. We suggest that you are taking note of each and every modification you make in order to reverse the settings afterwards if one thing goes incorrect.Step no. 3: Turn BT Sound On

Underneath The Concealed menu, utilize the arrow secrets in the remote to choose


Now, choose

  1. “Engineering.”Here, you will observe the
  2. “BT_AUDIO_ON_OFF” choice. Change it
  3. on, and save the settings.Step no. 4: Turn MRT Alternatives OnUse the Return

key in the remote to return towards the

  1. Options menu.Next, utilize the Select switch to pick
  2. “MRT.”Ensure that BT Support,
  3. Voice Recognition, and Samsung Smart Control are set to the “on” position.Save most of the modifications and turn down
  4. the television.Step number 5: Verify Bluetooth CapabilityTurn your TV back once again on and await one minute.Press the


  1. switch on the remote and go to
  2. Settings > Sound > Sound Output.Verify that the thing is the Bluetooth Speaker List choice here.
  3. Step # 6: choose and Pair Bluetooth unitIn this task, you are going to enable pairing mode on your own Bluetooth device, choose it in Samsung smart TV’s menu, and start the pairing for the two products.First, enable

pairing mode

on your own Bluetooth unit and make sure it is discoverable.

  1. Press the Source switch on your own Samsung remote.
  2. Select “Connection Guide” and then choose
  3. “Bluetooth.”Select your unit through the list (refresh record in the event that you can’t find your unit) and proceed with the on-screen guidelines in order to connect your Bluetooth device to your television.
  4. Using External Bluetooth AdapterA few Samsung smart TV models help Bluetooth. Nonetheless, when you have an unsupported Samsung television, a Bluetooth adapter is an ideal workaround make it possible for the Bluetooth function.After you get a Bluetooth adapter, link it towards the 3.5 mm sound jack or auxiliary sound port in the straight back for the television. Now, it is possible to link your Samsung television to a Bluetooth unit of the choice.


In this guide about allowing Bluetooth on Samsung smart television, we’ve discussed enabling the Bluetooth feature by accessing the concealed menu for the television and utilizing an external Bluetooth adapter for an unsupported Samsung TV.

Hopefully, the easy-to-follow techniques in this guide helped you allow or fix the Bluetooth function on your own Samsung TV. You can now enjoy and boost your TV’s artistic and sound experience.

Frequently Expected concerns

How can you connect Bluetooth noise devices to a Samsung smart television?

To connect a Bluetooth noise device (Headphone, Speaker, or Soundbar), press the


switch on the remote and go to

Settings > Sound > Sound Output > Bluetooth Speaker List. Select your sound device, and then choose “Pair and Connect.”How can you pair peripheral products to a Samsung smart television?To pair Bluetooth peripheral devices such as for example gamepads, controllers, keyboards, and mice, head to Settings > General > External Device Manager > Input Device Manager > Bluetooth Device List

, choose your unit, and choose

“Pair and Connect.”Can We link Bluetooth-enabled hearing helps to my Samsung smart television?You can connect Bluetooth hearing aids to your Samsung smart television. To work on this, head to Home > Settings > General or System > Accessibility > Multi-output sound.

Select your hearing help device and choose

“Pair and Connect.”

Samsung smart TVs are being among the most common brands available today. Over time, Samsung has launched unique television models and successfully stood out of the audience. That’s why many Samsung smart TVs have actually Bluetooth power to allow you to take advantage from the watching experience.Many peripheral products utilize Bluetooth to url to the Samsung television, therefore allowing this method will probably be worth once you understand. The good thing is that people took enough time to create a step-by-step guide that will save time trying to find how exactly to allow Bluetooth on your own Samsung smart TV.

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