How To Factory Reset an Asus Laptop

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You might have heard “factory reset” but had been constantly afraid about this. Once we invest lots of time utilizing a laptop or a PC, its performance gets impacted as time passes. For Asus laptop computers, over time, use has triggered a small fall in performance. 

Factory resetting your Asus laptop assists increase performance and removes unwelcome spyware or virus from your own computer. There are some other advantages also that people will talk about in this essay. 

There are numerous how to factory reset your Asus laptop. Some are simple, plus some may need one to research in advance. But don’t worry! We now have got you covered.

Here, we shall get in-depth about each solution making you conscious of the precautions to be able to seamlessly reset your laptop.

  1. What Exactly Is Factory Reset?
  2. How Come You Will Need To Factory Reset?
  3. Steps To Factory Reset Your Asus Laptop
    • Method number 1: With Booting
    • Method # 2: Without Partition
    • Method # 3: Windows Recovery
    • Method # 4: In-Built Admin Account
    • Method # 5: Recovering Microsoft Password
  4. Wrapping Up

What Is Factory Reset?

“Reset” means to set once more, and “factory” signifies the manufacturing facility that built the Computer. Therefore, factory reset together means getting back their state delivered by the product manufacturer. 

It will carry all of the settings and crucial pc software provided by the product manufacturer


Since a factory reset deletes your entire information, you’ll want to make a duplicate of the information somewhere else.

Why Must you Factory Reset?

You might have different reasons to factory reset an Asus laptop. 

  • To fresh install Windows because of regular system problems.
  • Clear your computer data and refresh the disk.
  • Get rid of viruses and spyware.
  • To enhance system performance.
  • To increase the speed of the system.
  • To resell your laptop.

Steps To Factory Reset Your Asus Laptop

There are numerous how to factory reset an Asus laptop. Below, we speak about them in more detail.

Method # 1: With Booting

  1. On the login screen, find the power button (bottom-right part regarding the display screen).
  2. Press Shift and then click on “Restart”.
  3. In “Choose an Option”, simply click on “Troubleshoot”. From then on, click “Reset this PC”.
  4. When prompted, choose “Remove Everything”. The body will restart.
  5. Choose “Fully clean the drive” or “Just eliminate my files” to your taste.
  6. Click on “Reset” to start out the resetting procedure. You will need to hold back until the method is finished.
  7. Choose “Finish” to begin rebooting. Your Asus laptop computer is preparing to utilize without a password.

Method # 2: Without Partition

Another method involves totally getting rid of information from your own Asus laptop. Test this as long as you curently have a backup of crucial files.

  1. Press F9 while your Asus laptop boots up.
  2. A prompt will ask to “Select a boot device”; choose “Windows Boot Manager” from it.
  3. Choose your selected language and hit “Next”.
  4. You can become into the Asus preload screen. Here choose any certainly one of Recover Windows to first partition only, with two partitions, or the entire HD.
  5. Select “Next” > “Reset”. The factory reset procedure begins instantly.
  6. Click “Finish”, along with your Asus laptop will reboot.

Method no. 3: Windows Recovery

Choose this option if you like the best way of resetting your laptop computer. The original OS are re-installed minus the pc software you had installed earlier.

  1. Remove all outside products linked to your Asus laptop.
  2. Restart the body by pushing the “Restart” button. Also, keep pressing Shift while the system shoes up.
  3. A brand new window will appear; choose “Troubleshoot” on it.
  4. Select “Restart the PC”.
  5. whenever prompted, choose either “Keep my files” or “Remove Everything”.
  6. Select “Continue” to begin the method.
  7. Select “Finish” to restart your laptop computer. Now, you are able to join without a password.

Method # 4: In-Built Admin Account

You may also reset your Asus laptop through the admin account of Windows. 

  1. Load up Windows set-up via disk or flash drive.
  2. Turn on your own Asus laptop computer and enter “Boot options”.
  3. In the “Boot Sequence”, select “CD-ROM Drive/ USB Drive” in Boot Sequence.
  4. Save the modifications by pushing F10 and “Exit”.
  5. Change the language utilizing any key on your own keyboard.
  6. Go to “Advanced Options” > “Command Prompt”.
  7. Change osk.exe to cmd.exe in your body drive. After that, near the Command Prompt.
  8. Restart your Asus laptop.
  9. After booting, start the on-screen keyboard from “Ease of Access”.
  10. Enter net individual administrator /active:yes to stimulate the administrator account and restart.
  11. You is now able to join along with your admin account. You’ll handle all of the individual records on your own Asus laptop.

Method no. 5: Recovering Microsoft Password

If you can’t remember your password, asking for from Microsoft can be an option.

  1. On the login web page, pick “I forgot my password”. You will definitely feel the procedure for resetting your password through different safety choices.
  2. Enter your Microsoft account login details.
  3. Verify your identification and then click “Next”. You’ll see guidelines on your own display screen to reset your password.
  4. Enter them during the next login in your Asus laptop.

Wrapping Up

Factory reset might seem like a complex procedure. However with the method we now have stated earlier, it is simple to reset your Asus laptop to your factory state. But, you need to backup your files before tampering with any settings. Also, put in writing shortcuts such as for example going into the boot menu, saving boot series, etc., to save lots of time. In general, after the above practices can make your factory reset simple.

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