How To Find AirPods Serial Numbers


The market nowadays is full of clones and fake items, and AirPods aren’t exempted with this basic challenge. They have been designed to seem like the initial items, that makes it hard to spot the essential difference between the counterfeit additionally the authentic effortlessly. Nevertheless, there was ways to verify in the event your AirPods are legit. This can be done by choosing the serial quantity. Therefore, how will you find AirPods’ serial quantity?

Quick Answer

Ideally, you will find four various ways you will find the serial quantity for AirPods. There is the amount via your iPhone settings, the AirPods pack, the charging case, or the AirPods themselves.

Every Apple item features unique serial figures. The serial quantity of your AirPods isn’t just for verifying in the event that items are knockoffs. It is possible to utilize them to check on if they’re nevertheless under warranty

So, in the event that you look for to understand what are the serial quantity for your AirPods, this short article will take care of the appropriate areas to meet your requirements.

  1. Four Methods To Find AirPods Serial figures
    • Method # 1: making use of your iPhone Settings
    • Method number 2: utilizing the AirPods Pack 
    • Method number 3: utilizing the Charging Case
    • Method # 4: utilizing the AirPods 
  2. Conclusion 
  3. Frequently expected Questions 

Four Ways To Find AirPods Serial figures

Before shopping for your AirPods serial quantity, it is vital to understand that all serial quantity is exclusive. Meaning it is perhaps not brand new if you realise that the amount had been registered once you check out the protection status of this device.

Also, there has to be sameness into the serial figures printed on your own AirPods, pack, and charging you package and the ones suggested on your own paired Apple device. If they’re various, then you can certainly concern the product’s authenticity.

Below would be the four major methods for you to get the serial range your AirPods.

Method number 1: making use of your iPhone Settings

One of the very most trusted how to check out the serial range your AirPods is during your iPhone settings. This process can be utilized once you find it hard to read the amount within the product’s situation.

Here’s just how to always check your AirPods serial quantity utilising the Settings app.

  1. Connect the AirPods to your iPhone (a Bluetooth connection).
  2. Go to your iPhone Settings app.
  3. Click “General”.
  4. Hit “About”.
  5. Scroll down to your base regarding the display and press “AirPods” to understand industry containing the serial quantity. 

Quick Suggestion

Check that your particular AirPods are linked through Bluetooth in the event that you can’t understand industry. Additionally, you are able to just compose the amount out manually because it does not support long-press to duplicate to your clipboard.

Method number 2: utilizing the AirPods Pack 

Another alternate solution to find AirPods serial figures is always to check out the AirPods package with you in the event that you nevertheless own it. If you’re nevertheless considering buying the item, you are able to ask owner to offer the quantity to enable you to check out the Apple guarantee status.

Here’s just how to always check AirPods serial quantity through the initial packaging.

  1. Get the box.
  2. Check the side to understand number printed near the barcode.

Another Method

You can check your purchase receipt in the event that you nevertheless own it; the serial quantity must be printed.

Method number 3: utilizing the Charging Case

There is a distinctive serial quantity on every AirPods situation. It’s printed within the lid in an exceedingly tiny kind. To view it correctly, you may have to capture the amount along with your iPhone digital camera and zoom it to view it precisely.

Here’s just how to always check AirPods’ serial quantity through the charging you situation.

  1. Get the charging case.
  2. Check the inside regarding the lid near the top of the remaining earbud by flipping the lid available. 

Method number 4: utilizing the AirPods 

Do you possess AirPods Pro or the 2nd-generation AirPods? There is the serial range these products by checking them. Every AirPods made features its unique serial quantity. 

Here’s just how to always check AirPods serial quantity regarding the AirPods (AirPods Max).

  1. Get your AirPods Max.
  2. Take from the left magnetic ear cushion to obtain the serial quantity.

More Info

You should keep in mind that the serial figures printed on your own AirPods vary from those the thing is somewhere else. Thus, choosing the serial quantity regarding the charging you situation is recommended if you’d like a serial quantity for solution.


The piece has managed to make it clear that finding AirPods serial numbers is very simple than you imagine. Fortunately, all you need to always check reaches your disposal. You will need to follow any suitable procedure getting your serial quantity, and check into Apple site to understand in the event your AirPods are cloned or initial. 

Frequently expected concerns 

Can Apple utilize the serial quantity to track taken AirPods?

Apple cannot make use of your AirPods serial quantity to trace your taken AirPods. Nevertheless, using your iPhone, you are able to track your AirPods which can be nevertheless in range. 

How may I inform if AirPods are fake with serial figures?

You understand in the event your AirPods are knockoffs, they to enter their serial quantity into Apple’s “Check Coverage” website. Through this, you will be aware in the event that items are registered in Apple’s system.

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