How To Find an iPad

  1. Finding Lost or Stolen iPad
    • Method number 1: get the iPad making use of Find My App
      • Step # 1: Turn On Location Services
      • Step number 2: Enable Find My on iPad 
      • Step # 3: Find Your iPad utilizing Another Apple Device
      • Step number 4: Find Your iPad Location
      • Step # 5: Get guidelines to locate Your iPad or Mark It As Lost
    • Method no. 2: find the iPad on
  2. Contact Police Agency along with your cordless Carrier
  3. Summary
  4. Frequently expected concerns

Finding Lost or Stolen iPad

Finding a lost or stolen iPad are tricky, but our step by step directions will allow you to feel the procedure for recovering your unit without the hassle.

We’ll additionally talk about calling neighborhood police force agencies to locate your iPad. Therefore, without further ado, let’s talk of the 2 practices that may be used to get your lost or stolen iPad.

Method no. 1: get the iPad making use of Find our App

In the initial technique, the Location provider should really be enabled, together with Find My application needs to be set up in your iPad.

Find My application helps it be not too difficult to help keep an eye on all Apple products, such as the iPad. 

Step # 1: start Location solutions

Enable location solutions regarding the iPad by opening the Settings application, scrolling down seriously to Privacy > Location Services, and switching it “On.” This is very important as Apple’s “Find My” app uses the place solution to trace the iPad. 

Step number 2: allow Find My on iPad 

To enable Find My on iPad, go right to the iPad home menu and then click on “Settings.” Then faucet in your title at the very top and head to iCloud > Find My > Find My iPad. Next, toggle the Find My iPad and Find My system to the “On” positions.

Also, change the “Send Last Location” switches “On” as well.

Step # 3: Find Your iPad Using Another Apple Device

To find your iPad, login into the iCloud account from other Apple unit. Next, available the Find My App. In The Bottom for the display, click “Devices.” A summary of all of the devices will now be exhibited; click your iPad’s name.

Step number 4: Find Your iPad Location

Once you click your iPad’s title, the map will scroll to your focus on it. In case your iPad is connected to your internet, there are its exact location; if maybe not, you will see your iPad’s last known location.

Step number 5: Get guidelines to locate Your iPad or Mark It As Lost

Tap on “Directions” to obtain step by step directions to your exact location of the iPad, or allow it to be band by clicking on “Play noise.” Also, you’ll touch on “Mark as Lost” to produce an email in your iPad and guide whoever has it on the best way to carry it for your requirements. 


If you may not desire one to access your iPad, simply click on “Erase This Product.” This may delete everything in your iPad, and it’ll additionally turn fully off Find My, meaning your iPad will disappear from the map. You are able to restore the erased information through the back-up after finding your iPad.

Method no. 2: find the iPad on

It can also be feasible to locate your iPad making use of 

  1. Open the iCloud Find website in your web browser. 
  2. Log in together with your Apple ID and Password.
  3. Click on “All Devices” regarding the map showing every unit attached to your account. 
  4. Next, go through the iPad you’ve got lost to locate its current location or last understood location.
  5. Repeat the steps in method #1 to locate your device.

Contact Police Agency along with your cordless Carrier

If you can’t find your iPad because of the above practices, it’s always best to report your missing device to a local police force agency along with your wireless provider. The agency may ask you for the serial quantity of your iPad, since it is a distinctive quantity directed at that iPad which may assist in its data recovery. 

You can request the provider to disable your account to stop any telephone calls, texts, and internet to safeguard important computer data. 


In this guide on finding your iPad, we now have looked at the causes for finding your missing or taken iPad and exactly how it is possible to believe it is utilizing the “Find My” application and in addition by accessing “Find My” on 

We additionally talked about calling a law enforcement agency along with your cordless provider to locate your iPad back and protect your data. Ideally, one of many practices struggled to obtain you, along with discovered your lost or stolen iPad. Many thanks for reading!

Frequently Expected concerns

What do the red, green, and grey dots suggest on Find our iPhone?

A red dot on Find our iPhone implies that the product is offline, a green dot implies that the unit is online, while a grey dot implies that Find My iPhone is wanting to get in touch to your unit. 

Can you monitor an iPhone with all the IMEI number?

It isn’t feasible to trace an iPhone making use of an IMEI quantity. The only path to do this is to utilize the discover My application in your iPhone or even to make use of your iCloud account and make use of the map for the present and final understood location. 

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