How To Find Connected Devices on Mac

  1. once you link a brand new unit or turn your Mac on with products currently linked, they ought to constantly appear in 2 places, the desktop plus in the Finder, which will be Mac’s form of Windows papers.Quick AnswerFinding which products are linked to your Mac is a matter of taking a look at the desktop. Nonetheless, you could explore Finder.
  2. 1) Open “Finder”.
  3. 2) Choose “Preferences”.
  4. 3) Simply click on “General”.4) Try Looking In “Complex Disk”
  5. .5) Try “Locations”
  6. .6) Try “Favorites”

.7) Check Always the “Sidebar”


If your connected products aren’t in every of the areas and you also don’t see them represented in your desktop (and you may observe that you have products attached to the ports in your Mac), then one thing is being conducted, and there’s an error.

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