How To Find Hidden Text Messages (iOS & Android)

just what Are Hidden Text MessagesHow To Find concealed texting on the Phone (iOS and Android os)

Method # 1: switch on Text NotificationsMethod no. 2: communications on Lock ScreenMethod # 3: concealed communications in Facebook MessengerMethod # 4: make use of a Spy AppPhoneSpectorSummaryFrequently expected concerns

just what Are Hidden Text communications

Text messages are a standard kind of interaction. Over time, brand new technologies are surfacing each and every day. But, painful and sensitive content gets transported through these communications from time to time. Android os and iOS devices are evolving to counter that. Nevertheless, texts are prone.

  1. Mobile phone users conceal text messages on Android or iOS devices. They are called concealed texts. There are numerous known reasons for achieving this. For instance, it is possible to conceal your communications for
  2. privacy
    • purposes or even to avoid
    • spam
    • .
    • The most simple techniques to conceal communications are
      • passwords, fingerprints, PINs, or lock displays.
  3. Now, let’s proceed to our primary subject of conversation, i.e., how to locate concealed text communications in the phone, be it an Android or an iOS.
  4. How To locate concealed texting in the mobile (iOS and Android os)

below are a few of this efficient methods to find concealed text communications. Follow these practices and concentrate on every step.

Method # 1: switch on Text Notifications

Sometimes, text communications don’t pop-up on your own mobile display as a result of a big change in settings. Perhaps you have had switched off notifications for your texting app.Follow these steps to fix this dilemma:Open the

“Settings” on iOS or Android os devices.Tap on


Tap in the


app.Turn onnotifications for the


  1. app.By after these actions, you can expect to get notifications of each message which comes to you.Method number 2: communications on Lock Screen
  2. The Android os os are now able to see texts in the lock screen. It’s now obvious texts delivered to you quickly. Without unlocking the display, it is possible to review communications.There could be an alteration in your settings. You have got switched off your notification in the lock screen. Proceed with the actions to fix this matter.
  3. Open the “Messages” app on iOS or Android os devices.
  4. Tap on the three dots within the upper-hand corner.Open


Tap on


Tap on

  1. “In-app Notification Settings.”Tap in the blue toggle
  2. next to “Preview Brand New Messages.”Your texts will show up in your phone’s home or lock screen.
  3. Method # 3: concealed communications in Facebook MessengerHidden communications can be found in Twitter Messenger. It is possible to discover the concealed communications in Messenger by following actions given just below.
  4. Open the “Messenges”
  5. app on iOS or Android os products.Tap in the
  6. profile image. It’ll be within the upper-left part.Select “Message Request



“You May Know”

  1. to see message needs and spam to see communications marked spam.After after the above procedure, you will find concealed communications in your Facebook Messenger
  2. application.Method no. 4: make use of a Spy AppYou will get concealed texts through a cell phone
  3. spy app. Some pc software is specifically utilized to trace and monitor Android or iOS devices.Spy applications or pc software are of help for all whom has to monitor an Android phone.
  4. Parents can monitor the mobile phones of these young ones. Employers

can monitor company-based products employed by workers.InfoTracking and monitoring applications aren’t useful for individual purposes. But federal government and police agencies additionally utilize spy apps.


PhoneSpector is a spy software for monitoring and monitoring. It lets you find concealed text communications as well as other solutions. It may draw out information from any Android or iOS unit.PhoneSpector is a superb supply for recovering concealed text communications.

PhoneSpector is capable of doing the next tasks:Messages: you’ll find all delivered and received messages through PhoneSpector.GPS Location: you’ll monitor both past and current GPS areas through PhoneSpector.

Multimedia Data:

All multimedia files, including videos, sound, photos, papers, etc., may be restored through PhoneSpector.

Social Media Apps:

PhoneSpector enables you to see any social media marketing task. You can view supporters listings, concealed chats, and much more through PhoneSpector.Follow the actions below to utilize PhoneSpector:

Download or install


  • through over-the-link (OTA)
  • on your Android or iOS unit.Activate the software by simply clicking the
  • license key.Log directly into your account and
  • retrieve concealed texts.After logging in, it is possible to recover concealed texts on your own Android or iOS device.


  1. All the techniques stated earlier are effective. Communications in the lock display will assist you to see texts without unlocking the display. Text notifications will allow you to see concealed communications appear on your own display screen.PhoneSpector works as a low profile text tracker. It is possible to count on PhoneSpector for finding concealed text communications. It’s a simple, dependable, and trustworthy application. Through these solutions, it is possible to find concealed text communications.Frequently Expected QuestionsWhat does “hidden text” suggest on Android os?The concealed text means some notifications will maybe not show up on your cell phone. You’ll realize that the information of communications is hidden
  2. Can you hide texts without deleting them?You need certainly to install the tweak. Start “Messages” and tap on any discussion you intend to see. A “Hide” key will show up beside the “Delete” key. Touch in the “Hide” key. Additionally the discussion will go away. And it’ll never be deleted. To unhide it, you must press “Edit,” after which it is possible to “Unhide All.”
  3. Which devices is PhoneSpector appropriate for?Compatibility with Android os products: Samsung, HTC, LG, Bing Pixel, and Motorola.
  4. Operating Systems: Android 3-1

Are here any charges for PhoneSpector?

You need certainly to spend $29.99 or $69.99 each month. They likewise have reasonably limited help Package available.

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“I cannot see my texts with a lock screen on my Android and iOS unit. It isn’t an easy task to unlock the display over repeatedly during working hours. I will be interested in ways to resolve this matter. Are you experiencing a notion how to locate concealed texts? Please suggest many to me”—

A mobile consumer online.

Are you looking for ways to find

hidden text communications

on your own phone? Don’t stress; we’ve got you covered. This step by step guide will let you resolve that issue. We now have enlisted different methods both for





However, before shifting towards the solution, let’s learn what a concealed message is. 

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