How To Find the DPI of Images on a Mac

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Have you ever printed a picture from your own Mac and felt disappointed during the image’s bad quality on printing? Two phenomena describe the quality of a picture and exactly how razor-sharp the image appears on the net or printing; Dots Per Inch (DPI) and Pixels Per Inch (PPI)

Both terms are utilized interchangeably, but DPI commonly pops up when you really need to check on an image’s resolution for printing purposes. So just how do you see the DPI of a picture on a Mac?Quick SolutionYou will find the DPI of a picture on Mac in 2 main means; utilizing the
Preview app and Adobe Photoshop. The previous is free, although the latter is a paid-for picture editor with cool features well worth every cent.This article features the importance of DPI in computing and design together with step by step procedure of locating the DPI of a picture on Mac utilizing the techniques stated earlier.

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